Bolzano's Luca Frigo (l.) looks dismayed, the wolves cheer at his place of work. © M. Groppo/DLife

In front of 7000 fans: Pustertal's derby victory for eternity

No Puster ice hockey fan will ever forget this evening: in front of Bolzano's record-breaking backdrop, the Wolves were able to live out a fabulous derby dream on Epiphany. The arch-rival from the state capital is in shock.

From the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano

Alexander Foppa

“The HCP rules here!” chanted more than 500 fans from the Pustertal after a game that will be particularly remembered for its impressive numbers. And because of a winner who once again turns the balance of power in ice hockey South Tyrol upside down. HC Pustertal shot the big HC Bozen out of their own hall 4-1. This was completely sold out with 6856 spectators.

Never in history has a regular season game in Bolzano been so well attended. Never before has a derby between HCB and HC Pustertal been played in front of such a backdrop. The Wolves have never played a league game in front of almost 7000 fans. And as if that wasn't enough for the people of Bruneck: they had a lively party at the end in the Sparkasse Arena!

The visitors' victory was too clear, but it was well deserved. The Wolves blocked more shots, showed more grit in the duels, brought more fire to the ice and also set playful accents. Of all people, the former Bolzano players in yellow and black were decisive: goalie Andy Bernard made an incredible save, Ivan Deluca and Alex Petan shone as goal scorers.

The key scenes

The only HCB cheerMcClure grabs the puck and runs away from his opponents. When he finishes he gets stuck with HCP goalie Bernard, but Halmo is there for the rebound! Bolzano's crowd favorite makes the arena go wild for the first time (15th).
Revenge of the ExIn the Puster power play there was a commotion in front of goalkeeper Svedberg, where Ivan Deluca was spot on and pushed in to make it 1-1 (21st). An ex-Bolzano player equalizes for the Puster team.
Kalterer co-productionSuddenly it becomes quieter in the Sparkasse Arena - and a Kalterer duo in the service of HC Pustertal is responsible for this. Mantinger plays blindly into the slot, where Andergassen lofts the puck into the net via Svedberg. 2:1 for the wolves!
Petan at the old siteAfter Deluca, another former player from Bolzano scores: Petan runs free behind the HCB defense and is suddenly alone in front of goalie Svedberg, whom he loads up with a great move (50th). It's 3:1. Frycklund later finally closed the bag with an empty net goal (59th).

With this victory, HC Pustertal kicked their arch rivals from the south out of the playoff zone. HC Bozen, which is disappointing in all respects, has slipped to seventh place after its fourth defeat in a row and now clearly needs something urgently the reinforcements announced by Dieter Knoll, to keep Pustertal behind them. The Wolves are currently in eighth place, four points behind the top 6 places and the associated direct playoff qualification. It was the second win in the second game under interim coach Kasper Vuorinen, who could possibly give up this title if his success continues.

HCB Südtirol Alperia – HC Pustertal 1:4

HSBC: Svedberg (Vallini); Valentine-Vandane, Miglioranzi-Parlett, Teves-Di Perna, Pietroniro; Halmo-McClure-Gazley, Frank-Ford-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Miceli, Brunner-Alberga-Felicetti.
Coach: Hanlon

HCP: Bernard (Smith); Stanton-Messner, Althuber-Ege, Glira-Atwal; Hannoun-Frycklund-Petan, Morley-Sill-Akeson, Deluca-Andergassen-Mantinger, Catenacci-Ikonen-Halser, Öhler.
Coach: Vuorinen

Gates: 1:0 Michael Halmo (15.03), 1:1 Ivan Deluca (20.58), 1:2 Raphael Andergassen (42.39), 1:3 Alex Petan (49.20), 1:4 Mikael Frycklund (58.26)

Viewers: 6.856

The other results:

Asiago Hockey - HC Innsbruck 3:4 aet
Goals: 0:1 Roy (1.02), 0:2 Roy (14.28), 0:3 Peeters (21.30), 1:3 Rapuzzi (35.54), 2:3 Misley (39.41), 3:3 Gennaro (53.58), 3:4 Mackin (60.50)
Audience: 2.757

Klagenfurter AC - Black Wings Linz 4:2
Goals: 1:0 Postma (3.35), 2:0 Schwinger (6.36), 2:1 MacKenzie (25.54), 3:1 Petersen (26.06), 3:2 Romig (28.40), 4:2 Petersen (31.34)
Audience: 4.254

Vienna Capitals - Olimpija Ljubljana 3:6
Goals: 0:1 Predan (2.00), 1:1 Böhm (12.12), 2:1 Kainz (17.56), 2:2 Leskinen (22.00), 2:3 Gooch (25.36), 2:4 Mahkovec (26.25), 2:5 Masic (27.22), 3:5 Ticar (51.46), 3:6 Leskinen (54.59)
Audience: 4.890

Graz 99ers - Villacher SV 1:7
Goals: 1:0 Salinitri (1.27), 1:1 Desjardins (4.48), 1:2 Rebernig (19.48), 1:3 Wallenta (21.58), 1:4 Wall (27.57), 1:5 Hancock (44.01), 1:6 Lindner (47.16), 1:7 Wallenta (48.33)
Audience: 3.007

Pioneers Vorarlberg - RB Salzburg 3:2 aet
Goals: 1:0 Owre (38.04), 2:0 Pastujov (47.44), 2:1 Rymsha (52.07), 2:2 Lewington (53.29), 3:2 van Nes (62.36)
Audience: 2.267

1. Klagenfurt3422012120:7768
2. Salzburg3423011102:8167
3. Fehervar3522013118:9967
4. Linz3519016116:8759
5. Innsbruck341901599:9557
6. Villach3419015119:10256
7. HCB South Tyrol352001595:9056
8. HC Pustertal3417017100:9552
9. Olimpija Ljubljana3416018103:10647
10. Vorarlberg3515020112:11646
11. Vienna Capitals341202285:12934
12. Asiago Hockey341002487:13333
13. Graz99ers34902567:11327

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