Andreas Bernard showed a top performance. © Leo Vymlatil

Vuorinen's dream result: Have the Wolves found their head coach?

Kasper Vuorinen has been on the command bridge at HC Pustertal for four games. The declared interim coach's record is impressive with four wins. On Friday evening, the Wolves scored two points at the Vienna Capitals after a lot of hard work. The question remains: Can Vuorinen be a permanent solution?

Leo Holzknecht

Everyone was aware that at HC Pustertal in times of crisis it was primarily a question of the head. The team has too much quality for that. Vuorinen obviously managed to find the right words. Although not everything that glitters is gold, Raphael Andergassen & Co. have appeared completely different since the change of coach: more concentrated, more imaginative and more self-confident. The result is four wins in a row and the approach to the top 6. In Vienna, after a turbulent final phase, the black and yellow team retained the upper hand 3-2 after a penalty shootout.

The victory against the struggling Capitals was deserved, but not a given. The Viennese, who are showing a clear upward trend after five wins from the last seven games, proved to be stubborn opponents. Goalie Andreas Bernard had to intervene several times at the last second and was the match winner in the end with 33 saves. Even in the penalty shootout, the Kalterer always kept a cool head. Next to Bernard, the lively Dante Hannoun stood out. The Italian-Canadian had numerous opportunities to decide the match earlier, but in the end he helped the Wolves win with his sunk penalty.

The teams played a thrilling game © Leo Vymlatil

The Wolves had previously defended a 2-1 lead for a long time. In the final minutes, however, things became turbulent when two South Tyroleans were first banished to the cool box, the referees retracted a Vienna goal after a coaches challenge and ultimately the equalizer was scored. The Wolves didn't let this bother them and won thanks to the penalties from Hannoun and Frycklund. The Wolves' next game continues on Saturday at Fehervar (17.30 p.m.).

The highlights

Suddenly goal getter?Christian Kasastul had only scored one goal in the first 27 games. Now he is successful for the second game in a row: the Norwegian puts the puck into the corner with a slap shot.
Hannoun answers promptlyArmin Preiser scores the 1:1 with a flat direct shot in the power play. Just 39 seconds later, Dante Hannoun appeared alone in front of goalie Sebastian Wraneschitz and gave him no chance with a quick movement.
missed opportunitiesThe Italian-Canadian has the preliminary decision on his stick in the final third, but Wraneschitz saves his penalty. A little later, Matthias Mantinger hits the crossbar with a shot on the move.
Pure chaosKasastul and Frycklund have to sit together in the penalty box. Zane Franklin scores to make it 2-2, but the goal is disallowed because Bernard probably had the puck safely. Shortly afterwards the bell rang when Trevor Cheek - still in the majority - hit the corner of the cross in the slot.
Hannoun remains ice coldAlthough he had missed a penalty earlier in the game, Hannoun stepped up again - and sank it. Frycklund does the same. And because Bernard saves twice, the Wolves take two points.

Vienna Capitals – HC Pustertal 2:3 nP

VIC: Wraneschitz (Steen); Heinrich-Wardley, Hackl-Donohue, Fischer-Posch, Pallierer; Cheek-Ticar-Weinger, Kainz-Stefanson-Franklin, Böhm-Antal-Preiser, Widhalm-Hartl-Piff.
coach: Dolezal

HCP: Bernard (Smith); Stanton-Messner, Kasastul-Ege, Glira-Atwal, Baumgartner; Hannoun-Frycklund-Petan, Morley-Sill-Akeson, Mantinger-Andergassen-Deluca, icons-Berger-Hasler, Öhler.
coach: Mountainous

Gates: 0:1 Kasastul (11.40), 1:1 Preiser (38.46), 1:2 Hannoun (39.25), 2:2 Cheek (56.59), decisive penalty: Frycklund

Viewers: 4150

ICE Hockey League

Graz 99ers – HC Innsbruck 1:4
Goals: 0:1 Steffler (6.48), 0:2 Peeters (13.48), 0:3 Mader (25.58), 0:4 Roy (28.52), 1:4 Engelhart (46.15)
Audience: 2789

EC KAC – Pioneers Vorarlberg 8:5
Goals: 1:0 Hundredppound (00.24), 1:1 van Nes (00.58), 2:1 Haudum (7.21), 2:2 Maver (10.40), 3:2 Bischofberger (19.28), 4:2 Haudum (21.32) , 4:3 Maver (22.36), 5:3 Fraser (28.58), 6:3 Petersen (34.01), 6:4 Kirichenko (34.18), 7:4 Petersen (40.41), 8:4 van Ee (42.35), 8:5 Odes (49.38)
Audience: 4063

AV Fehervar – Red Bull Salzburg 4:2
Goals: 1:0 Kuralt (2.23), 2:0 Atkinson (24.33), 2:1 Raffl (42.59), 3:1 Kuralt (48.39), 3:2 Thaler (52.28), 4:2 Mihaly (59.56)
Audience: 2634

Black Wings Linz – Asiago 3:4 aet
Goals: 1:0 St-Amant (5.28), 2:0 Romig (26.04), 2:1 Oksanen (33.02), 2:2 Ierullo (54.35), 2:3 Misley (55.35), 3:3 Roe (58.19 ), 3:4 Rapuzzi (61.18)
Audience: 3642

Olimpija Ljubljana – Villacher SV 2:3
Goals: 1:0 Biceviks (29.05), 2:0 Gooch (38.00), 2:1 Lanzinger (41.44), 2:2 MacPherson (50.36), 2:3 Hughes (54.27)
Audience: 1792

The table

1. Klagenfurt3624012131:8474
2. Salzburg3624012107:8670
3. Fehervar3723014125:10670
4. Linz3619017119:9160
5. Innsbruck3620016105:9960
6. Villach3620016125:10859
7. HCB South Tyrol3621015100:9359
8. HC Pustertal3619017109:10057
9. Olimpija Ljubljana3616020108:11547
10. Vorarlberg3715022118:12746
11. Vienna Capitals361302391:13538
12. Asiago Hockey361102592:13935
13. Graz99ers361002671:11830

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