Zach Sill & Co. showed a fantastic performance. © HC Pustertal/I. Foppa

As if in a frenzy: Fantastic Wolves force Game 7

HC Pustertal hasn't had enough yet: Kasper Vuorinen's team put on a real performance in the sixth playoff game against Fehervar on Wednesday evening and can therefore continue to dream of reaching the semi-finals of the ICE Hockey League. The big showdown will take place in Hungary in 72 hours.

From the Intercable Arena

Leo Holzknecht

Passion, heart, commitment and a lot of quality: these words can succinctly summarize the performance of Raphael Andergassen & Co. in the all-or-nothing game in front of a sold-out house. The reward was the deserved 4-2 win against an opponent who had been given a big lesson before the last duel of the series. Now everything is possible.

Even in the sixth game of this exciting quarter-final, one rule remained: namely, that the home team has the upper hand. The Wolves have now celebrated a whopping five home wins in a row since the start of the pre-playoffs - that's a clear statement. If the Black and Yellows want to make it to the semi-finals for the first time, they have to get their first away win in the fifth season on Saturday evening at 17.30 p.m. But that is a thing of the future that coach Kasper Vuorinen will be dealing with from Thursday.

Petan, the omnipresent

About the game: Led by Alex Petan in top form, the South Tyroleans didn't give the Hungarians any time to breathe. They were always one step faster, acted with the necessary toughness in duels and impressed with straightforward, uncomplicated attacks. At the same time, the Wolves benefited from Fehervar's weak, weak performance, which has rarely left such a vulnerable impression before. The 3-0 lead after 25 minutes corresponded to the course of the game. And even after the guests rebelled, the wolves did not allow themselves to be disconcerted.

Goalie Jacob Smith played a key role, exuding great confidence and making important saves in crucial moments. However, the truth is that the people in front of him threw themselves into the shots with self-sacrifice and thus made the task easier for the Italian-Canadian. The goalkeeper will also be the focus on Saturday when it will be decided who will follow HC Bozen, Red Bull Salzburg and KAC into the semi-finals. The Red Jackets achieved this on Wednesday thanks to a 5-1 win at Pioneers Vorarlberg.

The highlights

Effective wolvesThat's called callousness: With the first chance of the game, the black and yellow take the lead: After a slap shot, Alex Petan stands in the right place and pushes the rebound into the net.
Fehervar's faux pasCarter Robertson plays a hair-raising pass into the slot, where Arvin Atwal gratefully accepts the gift and fires a slap shot into the goal.
The post as protagonistThe frame rushes to the goalies' aid three times. Anze Kuralt and Bence Stipsicz fail at the edge of the goal, as does Rick Schofield on the other side.
To enjoy Raphael Andergassen plays Alex Petan perfectly into the run, who delicately lifts the ball into the square with a backhand.
Now it's getting excitingFehervar doesn't give up and makes it 3-1 through Balint Magosi's follow-up shot, before Stipsicz's cracker leaves the Intercable Arena trembling with the 3-2.
Schofield's stroke of geniusJason Akeson launches Rick Schofield in the power play, who penetrates the attacking third with great speed and leaves goalie Olivier Roy no chance with a fine feint. It's the decision.

HC Pustertal – AV Fehervar 4:2

HCP: Smith (Bernard); Stanton-Messner, Kasastul-Ege, Glira-Atwal, Althuber; Morley-Schofield-Akeson, Andergassen-Frycklund-Petan, Deluca-Sill-Mantinger, Catenacci-Berger-Hasler, Öhler.
coach: Mountainous

OASI: Roy (Horvath); Fournier-Campbell, Stipsicz-Nilsson, Robertson-Phillips, Roland Kiss-Csongor Ambrus; Magosi-Hari-Kuralt, Leavens-McGauley-Laberge, Atkinson-Bartalis-Mihaly, Gergö Ambrus-Nemeth-Terbocs.
coach: David Kiss

Gates: 1:0 Petan (7.48), 2:0 Atwal (9.11), 3:0 Petan (25.11), 3:1 Magosi (33.25), 3:2 Stipsicz (47.50), 4:2 Schofield (56.53)

Viewers: 3104

Status in the series: 3:3

ICE Hockey League, Game 6:

Pioneers Vorarlberg – EC KAC 1:5
Goals: 0:1 Petersen (00.50), 0:2 van Ee (2.43), 1:2 Owre (6.55), 1:3 Postma (21.20), 1:4 Petersen (45.28), 1:5 Ganahl (55.40)
Audience: 3890
Final score in the series: 2:4


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