Andreas Bernard's motto is to work hard for the final spurt of the season. © HCP/Fabian Leitner

“We spoke plainly”: now it counts for Pustertal

For HC Bozen and HC Pustertal, the regular season in the ICE Hockey League is coming to an end. There is now a huge amount at stake, especially for the people of Bruneck, and no one knows that better than goalkeeper Andreas Bernard.

Alexander Foppa

While the Foxes, fourth in the table, can take a huge step towards playoff qualification on Friday in Linz and on Sunday at home against Vorarlberg, their goalie from last year is more worried than ever about taking part in the post-season. Andreas Bernard is currently going through a real rollercoaster ride with HC Pustertal.

The Wolves urgently need to score points in the home game against Klagenfurt (Friday) and in the Tyrolean duel in Innsbruck (Sunday) in order to stay in the race for sixth place. Otherwise there is a risk of a detour via the pre-playoffs. We met with the Kalterer goalie after Wednesday's training and conducted the following short interview.

Andreas Bernard has been playing in Brunico since the summer and is currently the clear number 1. © hcp

Andreas Bernard, ring the bell at HC Pustertal the slap in Asiago the alarm bells?

“Everyone knows that it was a really bad idea. We already spoke plainly in the dressing room after the game. That's it. The motto is to tick things off and move on. There’s a lot of work ahead of us in the next few days, we have to focus on that.”

What has to change so that the playoff train doesn't leave without the Wolves?

“We rely on the scoring of the first two lines. We need you now in this delicate phase. But things also need to be improved at the back. We've always conceded at least four goals in the last three games, and that shouldn't happen. We had been focusing a bit on offense in training recently, but now it's about finding a balance. Because one thing is certain: in the decisive phase of the season, the defensively strong teams always have the longer stamina.”
“Everyone has to believe in it” Andrew Bernard

Now two opponents from the playoff zone are waiting. How do you prepare?

“We only have six games left to play, so everyone knows exactly what’s at stake. Klagenfurt is the league leader and an absolute top team, but we had really good performances against KAC this year. We have to repeat these. The subsequent game against Innsbruck has to be won, there is no way around it.”

Will we see HC Pustertal in the quarterfinals this year?

“I am sure that playoff ice hockey will be played in Bruneck. We'll see whether it works directly or via the intermediate round. However, everyone has to believe in it and we all have to pull together.”

The next ICE encounters:

Linz – Bolzano (19.15:XNUMX p.m.)
Salzburg – Graz
Villach – Ljubljana
Fehervar – Vienna
Vorarlberg – Asiago (19.30 p.m.)
Pustertal – Klagenfurt (19.45 p.m.)

Innsbruck – Pustertal (17.30 p.m.)
Vienna – Linz
Klagenfurt – Villach
Asiago – Salzburg
Bolzano – Vorarlberg (18 p.m.)

1. Klagenfurt4228014155:9587
2. Fehervar4227015138:11682
3. Salzburg4226016121:10077
4. HCB South Tyrol4125016117:10271
5. Innsbruck4223019122:11968
6. Linz4121020133:10666
7. Villach4122019139:12166
8. HC Pustertal4222020125:11965
9. Olimpija Ljubljana4221021132:12961
10. Vorarlberg4218024132:13754
11. Vienna Capitals4215027106:15545
12. Asiago Hockey4112029106:16539
13. Graz99ers421103182:14432


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