HC Pustertal around Daniel Glira suffered a setback. © Soos Attila

Wolves' frustration in the cauldron: Fehervar remains the feared enemy

If HC Pustertal meets Fehervar in the current season, a victory for the Hungarians is the consequence: the second-placed team also had the upper hand in the fourth duel of the season on Saturday. Interim coach Kasper Vuorinen remained without a win for the first time since taking office.

Leo Holzknecht

HC Pustertal will be annoyed: The Wolves could have returned from Vienna and Fehervar with six points, but instead they only got two. Against the Capitals Daniel Glira & Co. gave up a lead in the final minutes before at least securing the extra point in the penalty shootout. In Fehervar, the wolves despaired of taking advantage of their chances and lost 0-2 after too many inattentiveness.

The fact that the South Tyroleans didn't score a goal that evening for the third time in the current season is almost absurd. They dominated the game in the first two thirds, found half a dozen top players, fired three times as many shots, but missed out on a lot in the end. Sometimes it was bad luck, sometimes it was our own inability, sometimes Fehervar goalie Olivier Roy made a great save. And so it happened as it had to happen: Fehervar made the most of the few chances, skilfully defended the deficit and - driven by the loud fans - achieved the flattering victory.

Jasse Ikonen & Co. cut their teeth on the Hungarian defense bar. © Soos Attila

While Mikael Frycklund and Dante Hannoun were once again among the assets despite their poor finishing, top scorer Jason Akeson is currently not in the desired form: The Canadian appears sluggish, acts sloppily and is not developing alongside Zach Sill and David Morley. Goalie Jacob Smith was not to blame for both goals conceded, but he did not exude the confidence of Andreas Bernard. Now it's about learning the lessons from this defeat, sharpening the accuracy in the finals and starting the next week with a breath of fresh air. This is particularly important with the duels against Villach and Vienna.

The highlights

Always RoyJasse icons, Ryan Stanton and Mikael Frycklund should have made it 1-0 in the first third, but instead it was 20-0 after 0 minutes of HCP dominance.
Atkinson hits out of nowhereAfter Roy showed excellent reflexes against Raphael Andergassen and Alex Petan, the score was 1-0 at the other end. The assignment is lost at the HCP, Tim McGauley serves the free-standing Joshua Atkinson, who scores with a direct shot.
Kuralt increasedThe preliminary decision was made in the 44th minute: The Wolves lost the puck in the neutral zone, Daniel Leavens sent Anze Kuralt on his way, who scored with a dry slap shot.
Fehervar stays tightThe Wolves also have more of the game in the final third, but great chances are now in short supply. And when things get dangerous, the outstanding Roy is always there.

Fehervar – HC Pustertal 2:0

OASI: Roy (Horvath); Robertson-Campbell, Stipsicz-Phillips, Fournier-Nilsson, Roland Kiss; Leavens-Hari-Kuralt, Laberge-Bartalis-Mihaly, Atkinson-McGauley-Magosi, Vertes-Nemeth-Ambrus.
coach: Kiss

HCP: Smith (Bernard); Stanton-Messner, Kasastul-Ege, Glira-Atwal; Hannoun-Frycklund-Petan, Morley-Sill-Akeson, Mantinger-Andergassen-Deluca, icons-Berger-Hasler, Gschliesser.
coach: Mountainous

Gates: 1:0 Atkinson (34.04), 2:0 Kuralt (43.08)

Viewers: 2490

ICE Hockey League

Vienna Capitals – HC Innsbruck 2:2 (ongoing)
Goals: 0:1 Peeters (00.38), 1:1 Donohue (8.02), 1:2 Bär (18.25), 2:2 Hackl (34.58)

Villacher SV – Pioneers Vorarlberg 1:1 (ongoing)
Gates: 0:1 van Nes (26.09), 1:1 Lanzinger (36.48)

The table
1. Klagenfurt3724013132:8874
2. Salzburg3725012111:8773
3. Fehervar3824014127:10673
4. Villach3721016127:10962
5. Innsbruck3721016109:10262
6. Linz3719018121:9461
7. HCB South Tyrol3721016100:9659
8. HC Pustertal3719018109:10257
9. Olimpija Ljubljana3717020111:11550
10. Vorarlberg3815023119:12946
11. Vienna Capitals371302494:13939
12. Asiago Hockey361102592:13935
13. Graz99ers371102674:12032

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