SV Kaltern has to win on Saturday, otherwise their title dream is over. © Social Media

Kaltern and Eppan with their backs to the wall

It goes back and forth in the semi-final duels of the Italian Hockey League. After the 3rd games, Thursday's home teams are leading the series 2-1.

Varese and Pergine are currently only one win away from reaching the final. If the teams manage an away win on Saturday, the series will be decided. But: Kaltern (against Pergine) and Eppan (against Varese) of course have something against it and want to fight back at home.

The Eppan Pirates paid dearly for the final third in Lombardy. In the end, the South Tyroleans had to go home with a 1:5 defeat. The game was open until the 45th minute. Hannes Oberrauch equalized the home team's lead after Erlacher's assist (26'), before Mexican Hector Majul struck in the middle third (31'). Eppan's weakness was discipline: while Varese only collected 8 penalty minutes, the South Tyroleans were in the fridge for twice as long. In the end, Varese's victory is okay.

Bitter bankruptcy for Kaltern

Kaltern, on the other hand, suffered a defeat that hurt. Because the Hechte weren't the worse team in Pergine - on the contrary. 36:17 Shots in favor of the people of Kaltern speak for themselves. However: Kaltern also had to, because after less than 10 minutes Suikkanen's troops were 0-3 behind. The catastrophic start could no longer be eradicated. Although Thomas Waldthaler brought the Hechte to 3:4 (33'), the good Pergine goalie Rudy Rigoni could no longer be overcome. Now you are doomed to win on Saturday.

Playoff: IHL semifinals, game 3 (best of five)

HC Varese – HC Eppan 5:1
1:0 Raimondi (24.36), 1:1 Oberrauch (25.42), 2:1 Majul (30.38), 3:1 Bertin (44.49), 4:1 Borghi (49.23), 5:1 Näslund (59.31)
Audience: 845
Score in the series: 2:1

Hockey Pergine – SV Kaltern 5:4
1:0 Buono (3.20), 2:0 Foltin (6.38), 3:0 Buono (9.13), 3:1 Erschbamer (11.34), 3:2 Riekkinen (16.08), 4:2 Bietetto (26.07), 4: 3 Waldthaler (32.19)
Audience: 474
Score in the series: 2:1


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