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Luca Frigo and Daniel Mantenuto got on the scoresheet. © Valentina Gallina/FISG

Azzurri get their frustration off their chest

The Italian national ice hockey team fulfilled its duty at the end of the home World Cup in Bolzano, shot South Korea off the ice with a resounding victory and kept the mini-chance of promotion alive. Now it's time for the Blue Team to keep their fingers crossed for Slovenia.

From the Sparkasse Arena

Leo Holzknecht

On Friday the host was after the Overtime defeat against Hungary in the valley of tears, less than 24 hours later there was a cheerful atmosphere again in the once again well-filled savings bank. The question is: How long does this last? Because if the Hungarians win in the evening game against the Slovenians, who have already been promoted, all of the Azzurri's dreams of promotion will be dashed. The 8-1 win against South Korea, which was relegated, would prove meaningless in this case.

Despite the unfortunate starting position, Italy still believed in achieving their big goal on Saturday - and performed accordingly. The first third against the Asians was probably the best the Azzurri played at this World Cup. The attacks were quick and straightforward, the opponent attacked early, the defense was compact and even the big problem child, the power play, ran significantly better. The quick 4-0 lead after 20 minutes was half the battle and steered the game into the desired direction.

Frank unstoppable

The storm line around the omnipresent Daniel Frank, Daniel Mantenuto and Luca Frigo could not be stopped. The HCB cracks used their physical advantages, combined exemplary and hit the mark once each. It was thanks to them that Italy was able to downshift two gears from the second third onwards and easily manage the lead they had gained. After a match penalty against Sangyeob Kim, the Azzurri really went wild in the final third and scored four more times. The only downside: a modest middle third meant that goalie Damian Clara was denied the first shutout of this World Cup.

Diego Kostner made it 3-0. © Valentina Gallina/FISG

Now all eyes are on the evening game between Slovenia and Hungary. If the neighboring country provides the desired support, the title fights will come to a conciliatory end. If Hungary wins, Italy will miss out on promotion, like last year. Those responsible would then have to put up with unpleasant questions.

The highlights

Lightning startThe fans haven't even made themselves comfortable in the stands when the score is already 1-0. After 21 seconds, Frank hangs up for Frigo, who surprises the not blameless Jung Ho Ha from a distance.
HCB combinationOnce again Frank serves as the template provider, but this time his addressee is Daniel Mantenuto. The HCB crack just has to finish into the empty goal.
Power play stingsThe Azzurri let the puck flow well when they had the advantage, Phil Pietroniro took the shot, Ha couldn't hold on to the puck and Diego Kostner was there with the follow-up shot.
Frank UnleashedThe HCB captain is the best player on the ice and rewarded himself with his third goal of the tournament. Ha leaves a door open at the near post, Frank sees the gap and scores nine seconds before the end of the first period to make it 4-0.
Tired of goalsSanghoon Shin scores the Korean consolation goal in the middle third before Italy turns things up in the final third: Daniel Catenacci, Mantenuto, Anthony Salinitri and Michele Marchetti increase the score to 8-1. The goals all came in the power play.

Italy - South Korea 8:1

Italy: Clara (Bernard); Seed-Trivellato, Spornberger-Larkin, Glira-Pietroniro, Amorosa-Insam; Kostner-Marchetti-Frank, Mantenuto-Tommaso De Luca-Frigo, Catenacci-Salinitri-Gazley, Ivan Deluca-Mantinger-Purdeller
coach: Mike Pelino

South Korea: Ha (Yeongseung Lee); Oh-Don Ku Lee, Seungjae Lee-Nam, Kong-Jee, Minjae Lee-Juhyung Lee; Sangwook Kim-Chong Min Lee-Kang, Young Jun Lee-Shin-Ahn, Bae-Jeon-Geonwoo Kim, Sangyeob Kim-Sihwan Kim-Park
coach: Woojae Kim

Gates: 1:0 Frigo (00.21), 2:0 Mantenuto (6.27), 3:0 Kostner (13.21), 4:0 Frank (19.51), 4:1 Shin (21.10), 5:1 Catenacci (41.10), 6: 1 Mantenuto (43.05), 7:1 Salinitri (43.31), 8:1 Marchetti (44.00)

Viewers: 4227

Division IA World Cup:

Romania – Japan 4:2
Goals: 1:0 Gliga (4.26), 1:1 Isogai (18.17), 2:1 Skachkov (18.35), 3:1 Rokaly (34.15), 3:2 Yu Sato (56.21), 4:2 Haaranen (59.03)
Audience: 1.015

Slovenia - Hungary 1:2
Goals: 0:1 Janos Hari (7.09), 1:1 Rok Ticar (25.38), 1:2 Kristof Papp (57.09)
Audience: 2.169

The table
6.South Korea53


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