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The Ladin women missed the knockout phase. © EUROPEADA/Lars Salomonsen

No knockout round for the Ladin men and women

In the end, unfortunately, it wasn't enough: the Ladin men and women missed the knockout round at the Europeada in the German-Danish border region. But the tournament isn't over for them yet.

The Ladin men were drawn into a tough group. The local footballers faced two real tough opponents in South Schleswig and the Aromanians. In the end, the Ladins had to let the two teams go first and finished the group in third place, which meant they didn't make it to the knockout round.

On Tuesday, the Ladinians lost 1:3 to South Schleswig. The Danes in Germany were 2:0 ahead at half-time thanks to a brace from Aaron Sinclair Adonai and extended their lead to 3:0 after the break through Erik Wegner. The consolation goal was scored by the Ladin captain Gabriel Frenner. He and his team will now play placement games starting on Thursday.

The atmosphere among the Ladin women was great. © Rasmus Meyer

Meanwhile, the Ladin women have also lost their second match. They paid dearly for their losses against South Schleswig, losing 2:3. Chiara Lezuo and Carolina Chizzali were on the scoresheet for the local footballers. The atmosphere during the match was special: more than 1.000 spectators attended the match, most of them schoolchildren from the area. The Ladin women are now competing in the placement round.

The South Tyrolean men performed flawlessly in their group and are in the quarter-finals, just like the South Tyrolean ladies, who had a free game on Tuesday.


Les Ladines – South Schleswig (Danes in Germany) 2:3

The Ladybirds: Laura Di Genova, Joy Senoner, Alma Breitenberger, Carolina Chizzali, Nora Bauer, Marie Gruber (from 46th Chiara Lezuo), Maria Rabanser, Sara Tirler, Tamara Moroder (from 84th Kristin Ploner), Giuana Prugger (from 69th Clara Facchini), Nina Harrasser

Gates: 0:1 Emma Ballay (18.), 0:2 own goal Joy Senoner (39.), 1:2 Carolina Chizzali (66.), 1:3 Leonie Hinz (77.), 2:3 Chiara Lezuo (80.)

1. South Schleswig 2/6 points (goal difference 9:3)
2. Sorbs 2/3 (3:7)
3. Les Ladines 2/0 (3:5)

Ladiner – South Schleswig (Danes in Germany) 1:3

Ladin: Lukas Demetz, Alessandro Rasom, Alex Demetz, Michele Petrone (from 64th Mark Insam), Giovanni Deflorian, Gabriel Frenner, Massimo Lorenz (from 72nd Mirko Demetz), Mattias Rifesser (from 73rd Roman Palfrader), Sebastiano Rasom (from 54th Christian Jenegger), Alessandro Crepaz (from 54th Samuel Frontull), Antonio Volino

Gates: 0:1 Aaron Sinclair Adonai (11.), 0:2 Aaron Sinclair Adonai (39.), 0:3 Erik Wegner (68.), 1:3 penalty Gabriel Frenner (88.)

1. South Schleswig 3 games/9 points (15:3)
2. Aromanians 3/6 (16:5)
3. Ladinians 3/3 (5:8)
4. Victory 3/0 (2:22)

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