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It was a clear defeat for the Ladins. © EUROPEADA/Frank Molter / EUROPEADA/Frank Molter

Ladin Europeada adventure begins with a slap

For the Ladins, the Europeada in the German-Danish border region began with a clear defeat.

Coach Luciano Cigolla's team had to admit defeat to the Aromanians from Romania with a score of 1:4. The Ladins' first half was still worth seeing. Mattias Rifesser & Co. missed two top-class chances to take the lead. The strong (and fiery) Aromanians did better, scoring 1:0 shortly before half-time.

The Ladinians were then in shock and lost their way in the second half. The result was three more goals conceded. Samuel Frontull's goal to make it 1:4 in injury time was just cosmetic. "We did very well in the first half. It's a shame that we lacked the necessary bite in some situations," analyzes coach Cigolla.

Goalie Lukas Demetz (right) had to reach behind him four times. © EUROPEADA/Frank Molter / EUROPEADA/Frank Molter

The Ladins are back in action on Monday, when their opponents will be Pobeda, the Bulgarian minority in Romania, from 17.30 p.m. They suffered a 1:6 defeat against Südschleswig (Danes in Germany) in their opening match. The Ladin women will also be back in action on Monday. They will face Serbske Mustwo (Sorbs in Germany).

The South Tyrolean ladies got off to a better start in the tournament, celebrating a landslide victory on Sunday.

Ladins – Aromanians in Romania 1:4

Ladin: Lukas Demetz, Alessandro Rasom (from 61. Marc Insam), Alex Demetz, Matteo Lorenz (from 46. Christian Jenegger), Michael Perathoner, Gabriel Frenner, Massimo Lorenz, Matias Riffeser (from 61. Michele Petrone), Sebastiano Rasom, Alessandro Crepaz (from 76. Roman Palfrader), Antonio Volino (from 79. Samuel Frontull)

Goal for Ladin: Samuel Frontull (90.+6)

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