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Coach Roberto Fuschini and his Bruneckers welcome Naturns to the top game. © Laner

State league hit outshines everything

The decisions will be made in South Tyrolean amateur football this weekend. South Tyrol's football world is primarily looking towards Bruneck.

The match between SSV Bruneck and SSV Naturns will take place in Bruneck tomorrow, Sunday from 16 p.m. The second in the table against the third in the table: Both have 59 points and are therefore fighting in a direct duel for second place behind the already established champion Partschins.

The runner-up in the national league can continue to dream of promotion to the top league. A playoff game against the 4nd team in the Trentino regional league is scheduled for June 2th. If the game between Bruneck and Naturns ends in a draw, there will be a playoff for second place on May 31st due to a tie on points.

However, there is no longer any tension at the bottom of the table. Everything is already clear here, the 3 relegated teams have already been determined before the last matchday: Albeins, SC Passeier and Eppan have to go to the 1st amateur league.

Leaders and champions Partschins meet Leifers Voran at home at the end of the season. A football festival is once again guaranteed. As a reminder: On the last matchday, the Black and Reds won away at St. Martin Moos and were crowned champions (SportNews has reported extensively). Partschins last played in the top league 48 years ago. From the Oberliga, which ended around 2 weeks ago, Weinstraße Süd and SSV Brixen are relegated.

Who will be promoted to the national league?

Numerous decisions will also be made this weekend in the lower amateur leagues. In the 1st Amateur League Group B, Val Gardena is 54 points ahead of Kiens with 3 points. With a point in the last game at home against Reischach, the Ladins would have been promoted mathematically. Kiens, second in the table (51 points), has to play in Lüsen and needs a win to secure second place; Latzfons Verdings (2 points) is lurking in third place. All 3 games start tomorrow Sunday at 50 p.m.

The second-placed team in Group B will play in a playoff against the second-placed team in Group A, Schluderns, on June 4th for promotion to the regional league. In Group A, the champion Riffian Kuens has already been determined.

State league, 30th matchday

Sunday, 16 a.m
Ahrntal – St. Martin Moos
Albeins – Salurn
Ridnaun Valley – Schenna
Bruneck – Naturns
Gitschberg Jochtal – Eppan
Laces – Milland
Partschins – Laives
SC Passeier – Terlano

1. Partschins29196466:2863
2. Naturns29185680:3559
3. Brunico29185664:2859
4. SSV Laives29159553:3654
5. Ahrntal29139749:3848
6. Milland291210740:3646
7. Gitschb. Jochtal291161244:5439
8. St. Martin Moss291081145:4138
9. Schenna291071230:3837
10. Lace29991142:5136
11. Ridnaun Valley29981247:6035
12. Terlano29891249:5233
13. Salorno297101227:4731
14. Eppan29681534:3826
15. SC Passeier29452031:7317
16. Albeins29442131:7716

1st Amateur League, Group A, 26th matchday

Saturday, 14.30 p.m
Aldein Petersberg – Frangarto

Sunday, 16 a.m
Olimpia Meran – Riffian Kuens
Plaus – Kaltern
Sciliar – Prad
Schluderns – Tyrol

Already played
Gargazon – Nalles 2:1

1. Riffian Kuens25196065:1763
2. Schluderns25164552:3452
3. Olympia Merano25137554:3046
4. Nalles25136647:3845
5. Kaltern25107847:3337
6. Gargazzone25107840:3437
7. Aldein Petersberg25106937:3636
8. Haslach25961053:4833
9. Sciliar25710838:3931
10. Frangart25851235:5429
11. Plaus25911535:6328
12. Ultimo25701835:5821
13. Prad25541639:6319
14. Tyrol25251825:5511

1st Amateur League, Group B, 26th matchday

Saturday, 15.30 p.m
Schabs – Lawn Antholz

Sunday, 16 a.m
Barbian Villandro – Casies
Val Gardena – Reischach
Latzfons Verdings – Vahrn
Lüsen – Kiens
Taufers – Freienfeld
Terento – Natz

1. Val Gardena25159157:2354
2. Kiens25156456:2851
3. Latzfons Verdings25155562:3150
4. Natz25117736:3540
5. Varn25116837:2939
6. Freienfeld25109637:3039
7. Lusen251131146:4036
8. Taufers25871042:3631
9. Gsies25861136:5630
10. Shabs25831438:5027
11. Lawn Antholz25681123:4126
12. Terento25491229:5421
13. Barbian Villanders25481335:5020
14. Rechess25521822:5317


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