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Martin Wachtler (left) is the coach of Lüsen. © Andrea Giacomelli

Lüsen coach: “Almost anyone can beat anyone in this league”

In the 1st Amateur League, Group B, promotion hopeful Latzfons Verdings suffered a setback right from the start. The reason for this was the team from Lüsen, which we took a closer look at in our 1st Amateur League section.

After the first half of the season it was relatively clear that the promotion race would be a three-way battle between Latzfons Verdings, Natz and SG Schlern. On the first matchday of the second half of the season, Latzfons Verdings had to give up and leave Natz alone at the top of the table. In the derby against Lüsen there was a 3:1 defeat.

Reason enough for SportNews, To ask Lüsen coach Martin Wachtler how this victory came about, whether Lüsen can still roll up the field from behind, why after the derby is before the derby and whether he will start the 6th season with Lüsen.

Martin Wachtler, was it a surprising win and, above all, a deserved threesome?

“Perhaps not surprising, because in this league almost anyone can beat anyone. The results in the preliminary round also showed that. Logically, if you score the winning goal in stoppage time, then there is always luck involved, but you also need that in football. Nevertheless, I would say that we were good tactically and played very disciplined. Outsiders also said that the victory was not entirely undeserved.”

In the first half of the season there was a 0-3 defeat in front of the home crowd, now this win. What has changed?

“Not much, actually. We are completely the same team as in the first half of the season. In the meeting in autumn, we missed a penalty when the score was 0-0 and conceded 0-1 shortly before the half-time whistle. After that, a defensive mistake and a counterattack were enough to make it 3-0 for Latzfons Verdings. The game could have gone differently back then.”

Dennis Kaneider, supporter of Lüsen. © David Laner

How was the preparation for the second half of the season?

“I would say we prepared well. It was intense and I think the players were well prepared for the second half of the season.”

The preparation could not be carried out in Lüsen, at least the first home game has to be played “away”.

"Yes, that's right. We have been preparing for the second half of the season in St. Andrä for years. Our home site is next to a stream and it takes a while for the snow and especially the ice to disappear from the site. After that, the place looks more like a swamp than a football field for a while. For this reason we have to play the first home game on the SC Plose pitch in St. Andrä.”

After the derby against Latzfons Verdings, the next derby against Albeins is already on the agenda.

“That’s right, after the derby is before the derby. I hope that we can produce the same kind of performance against Albeins as we did against Latzfons. But as already explained at the beginning, in this league almost anyone can beat anyone. The current table situation may indicate a favorite, but if we had lost against Latzfons, we would probably be a few places further back at the moment.”

Her team won the first leg 4:3, but lost 2:3 in the cup. You can expect a lot of goals again, right?

“Goals for sure. Since I've been in Lüsen, I can hardly remember any games that ended 0-0. That’s why there should be a spectacle in the derby against Albeins.”

If one derby follows another, then it probably isn't difficult to motivate the troops?

"That's correct. But I basically have a team that really enjoys playing football. You can see and notice this in every training session. For this reason, it’s not difficult to get everyone excited about the weekend.”

What does the team lack in order to stay at the top and stay there for a longer period of time?

“Lüsen was promoted to the first division five years ago and has a very young team. That's why you sometimes lack clarity or experience in crucial games. We’re often too green behind the ears.”

Will Martin Wachtler go into the 6th season with Lüsen or does the team need a new wind for the further development?

“That’s still up in the air. I hope that in about a month, I and the club will know whether our journey will continue together or whether we will part ways.”


  • Martin Wachter was born on January 30, 1976 and lives in Brixen.
  • During the day he is a truck driver for the Bauexpert company.
  • Wachtler is the father of two sons. The 22-year-old Manuel plays in the regional league for SSV Brixen. The older son Thomas is a trained actor.
  • Wachtler spent his youth at SSV Brixen and made his debut there in the first team
  • The now 47-year-old then played for Natz, Rodeneck and Raas
  • The first coaching station was Raas, where he was active as a player-coach in the 3rd amateur league
  • Then we went to SSV Brixen (juniors and then two years in the major league)
  • He also coached Ahrntal in the major league
  • For a year he was also responsible for the junior selection of the Football Association (FIGC)
  • It is the 5th year that Wachtler has been on the sidelines at Lüsen


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