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Giacomo Favero stays at St. Georgen. © David Laner

After a difficult season: Everything is new at St. Georgen

The planning of many top league clubs is already well advanced, as preparations for the new season begin in about a month. What has happened at the traditional club St. Georgen?

It was a tough season for St. Georgen, which ended at the beginning of May. With 7th place and 45 points, the Jergina were ranked further back than they had been since the 2009/10 season. The motto for the ambitious Pustertal club is now: wipe your mouth and move on. "Our goal in the new season is, as always, to be among the top four or five teams," says Georg Brugger, the sporting man in charge in St. Georgen.

Starting next season, there will be a new coaching face in the Oberliga. Kurt Volgger has left the club and will train Albeins in the 1st Amateur League in the future, which is Gianluca Cecere the team as sole coach. Cecere took over the team together with Volgger last October after Berndt Mair was fired, and now he will be the first to be at the helm of a top league team on his own. Cecere knows all too well how things work, as he was Jergina's assistant coach for a long time in recent years.

Gianluca Cecere is the new head coach of St. Georgen.

There have also been some changes in terms of players. Striker Alexandre Koré and midfield engine Julian Bacher have left the club for SSV Brixen. Alex Ostojic and David Ballestin (they come from outside the region) are also no longer there. Luca Lorenzi will play for Bruneck in the future, while substitute goalie Elias Zitturi moves to SPG Gsies.

Favero stays

However, midfield thinker and leader was confirmed Giacomo Favero. After tearing his Achilles tendon in February, the wandering bird (he has already played in Thailand and the Maldives) missed almost the entire second half of the season, but will play for Jergina again next season. "He will probably be fit to play again in October," says Brugger.

Markus Kirchler will play for St. Georgen in the future.

There are five new players so far. Markus Kirchler comes from Bruneck, Patrick Siller (he is the brother of Simon Siller, who already plays for St. Georgen) from the Ridnauntal selection, Felix Messner returns from Stegen to the Jergina and the Ahrntaler Michael Oberhollenzer wants to make it in the Oberliga. In addition, St. Georgen signed Andrea Carlini a winger from Frosinone. “We are still looking for a striker,” says Georg Brugger.

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