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Stegen's Justin Pfeifer, Philipp Piffrader and Julian Bacher (in blue, from left) in a duel with St. Georgen's Andreas Priller and Lukas Aichner (from left).

Oberliga grades: Not all top teams shined

The 10th Oberliga championship has been history for 49 days. A “normal” championship with 30 match days, after last year’s top league with 18 teams and 34 match days. If the South Tyrolean clubs were clearly superior back then - the top 5 all came from South Tyrol, no relegated teams - this year it was the other way round: Mori and Lavis played first fiddle at the front, the South Tyrolean clubs were in the majority in the relegation battle.

In our first part of the series we look at the South Tyrolean teams that were at the top of the table. What grades did they earn? Here are the certificates for Tramin, St. Georgen, Obermais, Bozner FC and Stegen.


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