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The allegations against Jérôme Boateng are serious. © ANSA / ANNA SZILAGYI

“Beaten, spat on, insulted”: More serious accusations against Boateng

In the assault trial against German football world champion and current LASK defender Jérôme Boateng, his ex-partner has once again made serious allegations against him.

He hit her, spat on her, insulted her and bit her on the head during their Caribbean vacation in July 2018, the woman said on Friday before the Munich I Regional Court. He also threw a large lantern and a cooler bag at her. "I cried, really hard, I was scared too," said the woman. "He kept screaming, kept raging." She cut herself on the broken glass of the lantern and suffered bruises and abrasions.

He threatened her that he would make sure that their children would be put in a home if she reported him for the incident. When she said this, the woman burst into tears in the courtroom and the session was adjourned for a few minutes. While still on vacation, she then called her family lawyer, documented an injury to her eye - and finally reported Boateng in October.

On the first day of the trial a week ago, Boateng firmly denied the accusations made against him by the mother of his twin daughters. He said he had only defended himself against an attack by his then partner and had pushed her away. She had injured his lip. He apologized for the push. In his detailed statement to the court, he had spoken of a "nightmare" and denied allegations of violence.

Procedure drags on

This is the fourth time that a court has dealt with the incident that occurred during a Caribbean vacation in 2018. The proceedings against the long-time defender of FC Bayern Munich, who just moved from Salernitana to LASK in Linz, have been dragging on for a long time. Charges were brought in 2019, and in 2021 the Munich District Court imposed a fine of 60 daily rates of 30.000 euros each, a total of 1,8 million euros.

In October 2022, the Munich I Regional Court sentenced Boateng in the second instance for bodily harm and insult to a fine of 120 daily rates of 10.000 euros each - a total of 1,2 million euros. But the Bavarian Supreme Regional Court overturned the verdict and the case was reopened.

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