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The South Tyroleans were able to celebrate eleven times. © Laszlo MIHALY

11-goal show: South Tyrol's women win Europeada

The South Tyrolean ladies are in seventh football heaven! On Saturday, Denise Ferraris' team won the final of the Europeada in impressive fashion and thus took the crown.

From Flensburg

Thomas Debelyak

A Europeada without a South Tyrolean title - that's just not possible! While the men have always won the big trophy in the last four editions (but were eliminated in the quarter-finals this year), the women lifted the coveted trophy on Saturday in the German-Danish border region. In the Manfred Werner Stadium in Flensburg, captain Manuela Lardstätter & Co. buried their opponents from North Friesland under a veritable avalanche of goals and won 11:1.

The South Tyrolean women have returned to the Europeada throne. In 2016, the local footballers promptly won the title at the first women's tournament, but were defeated in dramatic fashion in the penalty shootout in the final at the 2022 edition. Now the title is back in South Tyrolean hands.

The final in front of a large crowd (750 fans came to the stadium) could not have been more one-sided. The South Tyroleans were far superior to their opponents in every respect. One woman in particular will probably never forget this morning. Hannah Bielak scored five goals, including three within seven minutes. If the FC Südtirol Women winger had not been substituted after an hour, who knows how things would have continued.

Hannah Bielak scores five times

The South Tyroleans left no room for doubt about their dominance from the start. 102 seconds had been played when Sonja Kiem put her team in the lead with a header. The attacking trio of Hannah Bielak, Alexandra Stockner and Anna Katharina Peer then played cat and mouse with their hopelessly overwhelmed opponents.

Hannah Bielak (right) was never to be stopped. © Laszlo MIHALY

Bielak was the player of the match with five goals, but Stockner scored the best goal. From the right edge of the penalty area, she fired a dream shot into the top corner to make it 4-1. Midfielder Sonja Kiem scored a hat trick.

Huge cheers from the South Tyroleans. © MARTIN ZIEMER / MARTIN ZIEMER

When the referee ended the game after 90 minutes, the South Tyrolean women cheered hugely. Just like in the stands: the South Tyrolean men cheered loudly on the “Gitschn” with chants and thus ensured a great and unforgettable football festival.

South Tyrol – North Friesland 11:1

South Tyrol (4-3-3): Sonja Graus – Martina Varrone, Greta Oberhuber, Manuela Lardstätter, Eyke Margesin Kofler (from 82. Manuela Peintner) – Annalena Santin (from 46. Melanie Markart), Sonja Kiem, Julia Brunner – Anna Katharina Peer (from 51. Jana Zipperle), Alexandra Stockner (from 51. Stefanie Reiner), Hannah Bielak (from 59. Alexandra Gruber)

Gates: 1:0 Sonja Kiem (2.), 2:0 Alexandra Stockner (19.), 3:0 Hannah Bielak (22.), 3:1 Luna Lelonek (39.), 4:1 Alexandra Stockner (44.), 5:1 Hannah Bielak (45.+3), 6:1 Hannah Bielak (50.), 7:1 Hannah Bielak (52.), 8:1 Hannah Bielak (57.), 9:1 Sonja Kiem (73.), 10:1 Alexandra Gruber (80.), 11:1 penalty Sonja Kiem (90.)

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