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Federico Valente is criticized after the home defeat against Cosenza. © DLife

The alarm bells are ringing at FC Südtirol

With a home win against Feralpisaló and a draw in Brescia, FC Südtirol actually came out of the winter break well. But the home defeat against Cosenza changed the mood among the White-Reds.

Somewhat surprisingly for some, Federico Valente took advantage of the chance to prove himself at the FCS before the winter break after three defeats and one win. But to be fair, it has to be said that FC Südtirol would have earned more points in these games. The style of play was more attractive than that of his predecessor Pierpaolo Bisoli, who usually defended very deeply. That's why the players and sports director Paolo Bravo are said to have spoken out in favor of Valente's continued employment in the winter.

But according to the Tagblatt Dolomites The Italo-Swiss' chair wobbles a lot after the weekend's home defeat against Cosenza. Valente can continue for the time being, but the away game on Sunday in Ascoli could turn out to be a game of fate for the former junior coach. The performance against Cosenza was too sobering when Valente – in the absence of Daniele Casiraghi – only substituted Raphael Odogwu and new star signing Jasmin Kurtic after conceding a late goal.

The hopes of the FCS rest on the returnees Raphael Odogwu (left) and Simone Davi.

Whatever: The match in Ascoli is a very important one for FC Südtirol. The team from the Marche is currently in the relegation zone and could overtake the FCS with a win. On the other hand, South Tyrol's only professional club would gain some breathing room with a win. Then Fabian Tait & Co. have to show a different side again. It was not for nothing that coach Valente said after the game on Saturday: “Today I saw a team that was afraid of losing the game. You can’t score points with this fear, we have to change that as quickly as possible.”

The Serie B table

1. Parma22136341:2145
2. Cremonese22125531:1641
3. Venice22125539:2741
4. As22116531:2539
5. Cittadella22106629:2536
6. Palermo22106637:2836
7. Catanzaro22104834:3134
8. Modena2287725:2831
9. Brescia2278723:2329
10. Reggiana22610627:2828
11. Cosenza2276924:2427
12. Baric22512523:2527
13. Step on2268825:2726
14. Sampdoria22841029:3426
15. FC South Tyrol22661028:3024
16. Ascoli22571022:2722
17. Ternana22561127:3221
18. FeralpiSalò22551225:3720
19. Specia22481019:3420
20. Lecco22551225:4220

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