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Hamza El Kaouakibi will play for FC Südtirol in the future.

El Kaouakibi returns to FC Südtirol

FC Südtirol has brought back an old friend: Hamza El Kaouakibi will play for the White Reds again in the future.

Hamza El Kaouakibi is a new player for FC Südtirol. The White Reds have agreed with his transfer rights holder Benevento Calcio on a six-month loan until June 30, 2024 with a conditional purchase obligation. For El Kaouakibi it is a return to Bolzano, as he was already in action for FC Südtirol in the 2020/21 season.

In that season, El Kaouakibi played 32 games for the White Reds. In the last two seasons, the Italo-Moroccan pulled on the jerseys of Pordenone and Benevento in Serie B, but things didn't go as planned as he was relegated with both clubs. This year he will be spared this fate. In this year's first half of the season, El Kaouakibi played 20 league games in Serie C for Benevento.

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