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You can rely on Kevin Vinetot (right, here against Bari's top striker Cheddira). © Bordoni

Of a miraculous healing and extra praise

After the 1-0 first leg win in the playoff semi-finals, FC Südtirol is dreaming of making it to the final. Coach Pierpaolo Bisoli was completely happy after the game and also gave out two special compliments.

“Our match plan with the three-man chain worked completely. That meant we had a little more possession of the ball. Bari basically didn't create any great chances to score. In the final phase we switched back to a 4-4-2. Then came the opportunities. My team did an excellent job again today,” said Bisoli on the PK after the game 1-0 win over Bari.

Bisoli gave special praise to Kevin Vinetot, who once again did an extremely solid job as Masiello's representative: “Whenever he is needed, he is there. Especially now in the two games against Reggina and Bari. Today he played exceptionally well again. He's a player who hasn't played much for me, although he's always trained consistently. He more than deserves it all.”

You can rely on Vinetot

And Bisoli is right: Vinetot was used 6 times in the championship this year and twice in the playoffs. How calmly the Frenchman always did his job is almost impressive. It almost looks as if the 34-year-old doesn't even know the word pressure. Vinetot has been playing for FC Südtirol for six years now. After he held the role of head of defense in the first few years, he was mostly just a substitute in recent seasons. But when he is needed, you can rely on the defensive rock – even in Serie B.
“Casiraghi couldn’t even walk on Sunday.” FCS coach Pierpaolo Bisoli

Bisoli gave special praise not only for Vinetot, but also for the FC Südtirol medical department: “Casiraghi received a blow in training on Sunday and was no longer able to walk. With the help of the physios it was at least 10 minutes inside. These were decisive in the end.” The noble joker set up Matteo Rover’s winning goal with his cross in stoppage time.

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