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Simone Zanon is the South Tyrolean rising star among the professionals who earn their money outside the province. © Social Media

Zanon, Wieser & Co: The South Tyroleans’ Serie B chances

Manuel De Luca is no longer alone. The Sampdoria striker has South Tyrolean company in Serie B.

FC Südtirol has three South Tyrolean professionals under contract: Raphael Kofler, Simone Davi and Fabian Tait. Next season, Federico Davi will be joining them, and Benedikt Rottensteiner and Luis Buzi have also signed professional contracts. But young South Tyroleans have also made the leap to Serie B outside the provinces - or are already there. What is the status of David Wieser & Co?

Emanuele Zuelli: The Bozen native has already made 27 Serie B appearances for Chievo and Pisa. Now he has made the jump to Serie B again with Carrarese. But the midfielder is unlikely to stay there, as Zuelli was on loan from Pisa. It is unclear whether the 22-year-old will play with the Tuscans in Serie B next season. A move to a top club in Serie C also seems possible.

Simone Zanon: The 22-year-old Sinicher is a rising star among the South Tyrolean professionals. He was a fixture at Carrarese in his first professional season. The reward was victory in the playoff final against Vicenza. Zanon, who played in the youth team at Napoli, still has a contract with the newly promoted team. FCS sports director Paolo Bravo recently spoke positively about the winger. Is a return to the White and Reds on the horizon? As of now, that is rather unlikely. The trend is that Zanon will get his Serie B chance - whether at Carrarese or elsewhere.

David Wieser: As champion with Mantova, the 22-year-old from Val Gardena has also been promoted to Serie B. His contract with the Lombards has been extended, but it is unclear whether Mantova plans to play with Wieser in Serie B next season. A loan deal with a Serie C club seems possible, where the midfielder could get more playing time.

Manuel DeLuca: Pfattner is the best South Tyrolean professional who is not under contract with FC Südtirol. After missing out on promotion to Serie A with Sampdoria, he could leave the Genoese. Several clubs from the top division are said to have come knocking, but nothing concrete has been decided yet.

Lorenzo Sgarbi, who had a great season at Avellino (Serie C), will probably move to Serie B. The Bolzano attacker has several offers, including from former FCS coach Pierpaolo Bisolis Modena.

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