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A difficult moment for Virtus Bozen. © ANDREAS KEMENATER

The year 2024 will not bring a turning point for Virtus Bozen

Virtus Bozen did not have a perfect start at the start of the second half of Serie D. Away against Bassano there was a 0-2 defeat.

Virtus started the first game of 1 confidently. In the 2024th minute, Cremonini brought a corner well into the middle, returnee Osorio rose to the top, but sent the ball over the crossbar. And then what happened so often in the preliminary round happened. Virtus misses the first opportunity and a few minutes later the opponent takes the lead. Same thing against Bassano. In the 11th minute, Bokoko crossed from the right to the second post. Raicevic, who was stationed there, was able to get the ball and send it into the Virtus goal.

The second half also began with the first chance for Virtus. After a counterattack by Cremonini, the ball found its way to Elis Kaptina, who had just been substituted. But he slammed the leather over the Bassano case from a promising position. In the 2th minute, Kicaj tried a long shot, but it narrowly missed its target.

A counterattack brings the decision

As Virtus increasingly relied on attack in the final quarter of an hour, counterattack opportunities opened up for the home team. Morello was able to defuse one of these counterattacks against Sagrillo in the 82nd minute. In the 88th minute, however, number 1 Virtus also had no chance when Forte sprinted almost across the field with the ball at his feet and scored to make it 2-0. This meant the game was decided in favor of the home team.

Bassano – Virtus Bozen 2-0

Bassano: Costa; Zanata, Rolim (from 82. Simeoni), Seno, Chia (from 58. Ongaro); Cunico, Bokoko, Sagrillo, Fagan; Raicevic (from 67th Zuin), Olonisakin (from 71st Forte)

Virtus Bolzano: Morello; Sinn (from 36th Centazzo), Kicaj, Bedin, Tschigg (from 82nd Firas); Bounou (from 56. Vinciguerra), Busetto, Cremonini, Forti (from 48. Arnaldo Kaptina); Osorio, Stancic (from 50. Elis Kaptina)

SR: Esposito (Naples)

Gates: 1:0 Raicevic (16th), 2:0 Forte (88th)

Next game: Sunday, January 14th starting at 14.30:XNUMX p.m. in Bozen (Talferwiesen) against Dolomiti Bellunesi.

Serie D, 18th matchday

  • 07.01.24

    Belluno Dolomites



  • 07.01.24




  • 07.01.24

    Mori S. Stefano



  • 07.01.24

    Montecchio M.


    Cjarlins Muzane

  • 07.01.24




  • 07.01.24

    Monte Prodeco



  • 07.01.24




  • 07.01.24

    Treviso 1993



  • 07.01.24



    Virtus Bolzano


1. Chioggia18161132:949
2. Treviso 199318111630:2034
3. Dolomiti Bellunesi1887326:1531
4. Campodarsego1887324:1431
5. Bassano1894520:1331
6. Portogruaro1893623:2230
7. This1868423:1826
8. Monte Prodeco1867517:1825
9. Montecchio M.1874720:2325
10. Adriese1858527:2023
11. Mestre1863914:2121
12. Luparensis1856721:2121
13. Chions1848623:2520
14. Breno1839618:2218
15. Castegnato1837821:3016
16. Cjarlin's Muzane1828814:2314
17. Mori S. Stefano18331216:3412
18. Virtus Bozen1816118:299

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