a Series D

Virtus Bo. © Rosario Multari

A draw to say goodbye to Serie D

Virtus Bozen said goodbye to Serie D with a 1-1 draw in front of their home crowd against Campodarsego. Stancic equalized the opening goal of the guests from the province of Padua after around half an hour.

The first excitement came after just 5 minutes. Elis Kaptina attempted an overhead kick; the Virtus players say they saw a handball from an opponent at exactly that moment. Not so the impartial one. Only 1 minutes later it was the guests' turn who called for a penalty after Cupani came to Rumpfl in the penalty area. Afterwards, despite the summer temperatures, a good game developed.

Campodarsego took the lead in the 20th minute. Cocola was brought down illegally after a solo between 3 Virtus players just outside the penalty area. Casella hit the free kick into the goal with the help of the Virtus wall. No defense option for Pircher. After around half an hour, Tschigg brought a cross from the side into the middle and Stancic delivered the ball into the Campodarsego goal in the best center forward style. By halftime, Elis Kaptina saved the tie once when he blocked a shot with his body. Virtus keeper Pircher had to intervene decisively twice in order to at least be able to save the score at 1-2 at the break.

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Immediately after the restart, a long-range shot from Mosti caused the blood of the Virtus supporters to stop for a brief moment when the leather grazed the post. In the 70th minute, Osorio went solo, left two opponents standing, but his shot sailed clear over the crossbar. With the inclusion of the young players Bussi and Zeni, fresh blood came back into the game for Bolzano. In the 2th minute, Busetti was unlucky with a free kick when it hit the post.

The Serie D adventure ended for Elis Kaptina and Virtus Bozen. © Rosario Multari

A minute later, the Campodarsego goalkeeper outdid himself with a shot from Milani, who suddenly appeared alone in the penalty area. In the final phase, the team from Padua was no longer in a hurry, as one point was enough for them to qualify for the playoffs. Virtus, without pressure, continued to play forward, but could no longer find the right way into the goal.

Virtus Bozen - Campodarsego 1:1

Virtus Bolzano: Pircher; Sinn (from 60. Kisses), Busetto, Milani, Tschigg; Centazzo, Arnaldo Kaptina (from 83rd Forti), Cremonini; Osorio (from 72nd Vinciguerra); Elis Kaptina, Stancic (from 59. Zeni, from 83. Moussaoui)

Campodarsego: Minozzi; Oneto, Bajic, Mboup, Rao (from 72. Girardello); Mosti, Casella (from 80th demo); Segalina, Cupani, Cocola; Pavanello

SR: Radovanovic (Maniago)

Gates: 0:1 Casella (20th), 1:1 Stancic (30th)


1. Chioggia34255449:1780
2. Dolomiti Bellunesi34199656:2566
3. Treviso 1993341931251:3760
4. Bassano341591035:3054
5. Campodarsego341215742:2651
6. This341312944:3351
7. Montecchio M.341491148:4051
8. Adriese3413111054:4150
9. Portogruaro341391252:4348
10. Mestre341391234:3748
11. Monte Prodeco3411121135:4145
12. Chions3410111340:5041
13. Luparensis341091538:4139
14. Breno348131339:4937
15. Cjarlin's Muzane347141330:3635
16. Castegnato347121539:5833
17. Virtus Bozen344121825:5224
18. Mori S. Stefano34362521:7615


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