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The Mühlbacher team performing in Veneto.

Karate Mühlbach: Constant dripping wears away the stone

At the weekend, the first of three stages of an interregional karate competition took place in Istrana (Treviso), in which more than 700 athletes from over 40 clubs took part. Karate Mühlbach took part with 23 athletes in the disciplines of Kata (form competition) and Kumite (dueling).

“We have laid the foundation, shown where our strengths are and now have the training path clearly in mind,” said coach Martin Pezzei after the first stage of a karate tournament for the clubs from north-east Italy of the FIK (Federazione Italiana Karate).


The strength of Karate Mühlbach is the duel, in which seven athletes from the market town took part, all of whom made it to the podium. Ramón Motta (Esordienti up to green belt, -60kg), Laura Peinter (Cadetti up to blue belt, -55kg) and Fabian Pezzei (senior brown and black belts, -80kg) won gold.

Ramón Motta in action. © KARATE MUHLBACH

Silver went to: Madleen Unterhuber (Cadetti up to blue belt, -55kg), Lorenz Mantinger (juniors up to blue belt, -68kg) and Florian Filehner (senior brown and black belts, -74kg). Darko Ostojic won bronze (senior brown and black belts, -80kg).


The level of kata was impressively high, which is why of the 20 athletes from Karate Mühlbach only two were able to achieve a podium place (but a total of 14 athletes reached the final of the best eight). Darko Ostojic (seniors up to blue belt) won gold, while silver went to Martin Pezzei (master, brown and black belts).

The best 8 athletes made it to the final: Laura Peintner (4th place), Fabian Pezzei (5th place), Julia Mair, Emilia Bruni and Madleen Unterhuber (all 6th place), Sonia Kaszas, Florian Filehner, Frida Schweiger and Aron Leitner (all 7th place), as well as Paul Fischnelller, Tobias Erschbaumer and Gabriela Huber (all 8th place).

“Those who made it to the final of the Top 8 only achieved this because of excellent performances, as the standard was very high and the individual categories were very large in number,” said coach Pezzei. The following did not make it to the final of the top 8 this time: Maria Peintner, Greta Fischer, Jasmin Kurtovic, Emma Peintner, Laura Grünfelder and Anna Gallmetzer, who took part in her first competition.

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