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Karate Mühlbach at the group photo at the end of the season. © KARATE MUHLBACH

Karate Mühlbach draws a conclusion

With the club championship on Saturday, a season that was characterized by “togetherness and for each other” ended for Karate Mühlbach.

The Karate Mühlbach club championship was held in the two disciplines of Kata (form competition) and Kumite (dueling). We waited eagerly for the individual categories to take their turn so that they could show what they had learned this season on the battlefield. Under the strict eye of the referees and thanks to the great support of many helpers, an impressive karate tournament was presented not only to the athletes but also to the large audience.


Together we were happy about our successes, shared our defeats and together we grew, learned and matured together this season.

Karate Mühlbach took part in four interregional, seven national and nine international competitions, experiencing great moments of happiness but also having to overcome dry spells.

for each other

The commitment to the athletes was particularly celebrated this season on “Volunteer Day”. The free commitment of the coaches and the diverse work of the committee have contributed significantly to the success of this season. Above all, because awareness of training and further education is seen as a prerequisite in order to be able to offer the athletes the maximum. Karate Mühlbach took part in a total of nine stages (kumite and kata) and attended various training courses.

How central professional support is is shown by the fact that a course on posture and movement training was held with a physiotherapist in the summer; Over the course of the season, two sport-specific sessions were carried out with another physiotherapist and for some time now we have been receiving the professional support of one of Italy's best athletes. In the summer months we will again work in collaboration with Christian Untersteiner (ChriYou) to prepare the athletes physically.

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