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The young hopefuls recorded great performances in all disciplines. © FIDAL/Tabarelli

Arge Alp in Brixen: The athletics talents show off

The Arge-Alp meeting traditionally takes place at the end of the athletics track season. This year the cross-border meeting was held in Brixen. The South Tyrolean state team celebrated three daily victories and took fourth place in the team rankings.

This year's victory went to the athletes from Lombardy, who were able to hold their own with 263 points, clearly ahead of Bavaria (220), Trentino (219) and the South Tyrol team (201). Brixen was the venue for this year's Arge-Alp meeting throughout the weekend. This event also indirectly concluded the general class track and field season. The Arge-Alp meeting was the most important event in the South Tyrolean athletics calendar after the traditional and internationally known “Brixia Meeting” was canceled this year.

The very young South Tyrolean team showed all their skills in Brixen. In the end, in addition to three daily victories, there were also ten more podium places. Mariia Jelanska made it to the top. The athlete from SC Meran won the triple jump with 12.30 m. In the men's field, however, the two figureheads from the Bolzano club Athletic Club 96, Lorenzo Ianes and Abdelhakim Elliasmine, won gold. Sprinter Ianes won the 100 m race in 10.34 seconds, 800 m ace Elliasmine stopped the time measurement at 1:48.48 minutes. Ianes also secured the silver medal in the 200 m (21.19 seconds).

The South Tyrol team taking a group photo. © FIDAL/Tabarelli

Sprinter Ira Harrasser also showed a good performance. The Bruneck woman secured second place in the 2 m in 200 seconds, and she also narrowly missed out on a medal in the 24.73 m competition (100 seconds) and took fourth place. In the women's field, 12.00 m hurdler Julia also impressed Moser (4th) as well as the Val Gardena javelin thrower Chiara Goffi and 400 m runner Lara Vorhauser from ASV Vipiteno (both 4th).

Riccardo Valentini and Andreas Kölbl had a thrilling showdown. © FIDAL/Tabarelli

The men's selection was in top form. The Bolzano pole vaulter Nicolò Fusaro crossed 4.70 m, which was enough for second place behind the Lombard Federico Biancoli (2 m). Surprise man Riccardo Vantini also took silver. The CSS Leonardo da Vinci athlete ran the 4.80 m hurdles in 400 seconds. Gargazon all-around athlete Simon Zandarco took third place in the 54.17 m hurdles in 110 seconds. In the long jump he shone with 15.24 m (fourth). High jumper Alberto Murari (7.08 m), hammer thrower Michele Ongarato (2.01 m) and javelin thrower Jan Fragiacomo (55.35 m) also took bronze. The South Tyrolean 59.31x4 m relay came second and the 100x4 m relay third. Local hero Euan De Nigro ran the 400 m in 5000:15 minutes, which was enough for fourth place. The two aces from SV Lana, pole vaulter Nathalie Kofler and all-rounder Linda Maria Pircher were not there in Brixen.

The results of the South Tyrol selection at the Arge Alp meeting

100m: 4. Ira Harrasser (SSV Bruneck) 12.00
100m: 7. Roberta Giovanelli (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 12.44
200m: 2. Ira Harrasser (SSV Bruneck) 24.73
200m: 8. Alexa Schneider (SSV Bruneck) 26.04
200m: 11. Johanna Rabanser (SG Eisacktal) 26.99
400m: 6. Alexa Schneider (SSV Bruneck) 58.83
400m: 8. Johanna Rabanser (SG Eisacktal) 1:00.17
400m: 12. Elina Neunhäuserer (SSV Bruneck) 1:01.34
800m: 5. Lara Vorhauser (ASV Vipiteno) 2:19.76
800m: 8. Emma Ghirardello Pichler (SC Meran) 2:21.75
800m: 10. Vanessa Russo (Merano Atletica) 2:26.56
3000m: 7. Lisa Leuprecht (SC Meran) 10:47.83
100m hurdles: 7. Annika Oberrauch (SV Lana) 15.34
400m hurdles: 4. Julia Moser (SSV Bruneck) 1:06.03
400m hurdles: 5. Hannah Fiwickeler (SG Eisacktal) 1:08.17
Far: 4. Mariia Jelanska (SC Meran) 5.61
Far: 8. Ronja Hilber (SV Lana) 5.31
Far: 12. Roberta Giovanelli (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 5.16
High: 6. Laura Hofer (SV Lana) 1.60
High: 12. Anna Di Giovanni (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 1.50
Three: 1. Mariia Jelanska (SC Meran) 12.30
Discus: 10. Karoline Puntaier (SG Eisacktal) 28.92
Ball: 6. Alessia Goffi (Atletica Gherdeina) 11.18
Ball: 12. Chiara Goffi (Atletica Gherdeina) 10.21
Javelin: 5. Chiara Goffi (Atletica Gherdeina) 40.47
Javelin: 6. Alessia Goffi (Atletica Gherdeina) 37.41
Hammer: 6. Lara Cubich (SG Eisacktal) 32.94
Hammer: 7. Karoline Puntaier (SG Eisacktal) 31.87
Relay 4x100m: 6. South Tyrol (Giovanelli, Moser, Schneider, Harrasser) 50.11
Relay 4x400m: 5. South Tyrol (Moser, Rabanser, Russo, Fiwickeler) 4:02.63

100m: 1. Lorenzo Ianes (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 10.34
100m: 4. Leonardo Badolato (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 10.75
200m: 2. Lorenzo Ianes (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 21.19
200m: 4. Leonardo Badolato (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 21.90
200m: 10. Hannes Kaserer (LAC Vinschgau) 22.83
400m: 4. Ebrima Bojang (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 49.17
400m: 8. Mattia Pivetta (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 50.69
800m: 1. Abdelhakim Elliasmine (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 1:48.48
800m: 6. Giovanni Santomaso (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 1:56.80
800m: 12. Alexander Mayr (SSV Bruneck) 1:58.57
5000m: 4. Euan De Nigro (SG Eisacktal) 15:17.84
5000m: 7. Khalid Jbari (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 15:39.89
110m hurdles: 3. Simon Zandarco (SV Lana) 15.24
110m hurdles: 6. Riccardo Vantini (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 15.99
400m hurdles: 2. Riccardo Vantini (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 54.17
400m hurdles: 9. Fabian Ludescher Herrmann (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 57.97
Far: 4. Simon Zandarco (SV Lana) 7.08
Far: 9. Maximilian Springeth (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 6.43
High: 3. Alberto Murari (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 2.01
High: 4. Mattia Meneghini (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 1.98
High: 5. Maximilian Springeth (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 1.95
Staff: 2. Nicolò Fusaro (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 4.70
Three: 9. Noah Dalsass (KSV Athletics) 11.96
Discus: 6th Jan Fragiacomo (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 39.96
Discus: 8. Massimiliano Di Stasio (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 38.43
Discus: 11. David Pircher (SV Lana) 31.64
Ball: 6. Jan Fragiacomo (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 12.12
Ball: 7. David Pircher (SV Lana) 11.17
Javelin: 3. Jan Fragiacomo (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 59.31
Speer: 8. Christof Pfattner (SV Lana) 48.12
Hammer: 3. Michele Ongarato (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 55.35
Relay 4x100m: 2. South Tyrol (Pivetta, Zandarco, Badolato, Ianes) 41.50
Relay 4x400m: 3. South Tyrol (Bojang, Pivetta, Zandarco, Elliasmine) 3:16.16


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