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Kevin Lubello pointed. © running.bz

Lubello and Schöpf climb onto the podium in Lana

For two days at the weekend, Lana was the Mecca for multi-athletes. Two South Tyroleans made it onto the podium at the U18, 20 and U23 Italian Championships.

Kevin Lubello from Bolzano won the runner-up title in the U20 decathlon. The CSS Leonardo da Vinci athlete showed his best side in Lana and achieved 6.677 points. Lubello, who was able to increase his personal best by 540 points, was only beaten by Tommaso Franzè (7.137). Francesco Stradi (6.535) completed the podium. Lubello's teammates Daniele Tomasi (6.191) and Mattia Graiff (5.624) came in 8th and 11th.

The second South Tyrolean medal went to Frederic Schöpf from Lana. The local hero competed in an U18 decathlon for the first time after a long break, scored an excellent 6.320 points and ultimately came third. Just behind Marco Beccari (6.351), the new Italian champion is Matteo Sorci (6.714) from Perugia.

Alexa Schneider narrowly misses the podium

In the women's competition, there was no South Tyrolean medal. The best local athlete was Alexa Schneider from Bruneck, who came fifth in the U18 heptathlon with a new personal best of 4.726 points. She was only 5 points away from Martina Bianchi's bronze. The win went to Rita Manfredini (232), ahead of Isabella Pastore (5.271). Schneider's teammates at SSV Bruneck, Greta Amhof and Julia Moser, had to settle for 5.108th and 10th place respectively.

In the U20 heptathlon, Lorena Lingg (3.951) from Vinschgau finished 15th, while in the U23 competition, Annika Oberrauch (4.464) from Eppan came sixth.

Five new records in Bolzano

At the 6th Athletics Meeting City of Bozen South Tyrol, which was also the second stage of the Speed ​​King & Queen Trentino South Tyrol, five new records were set on Saturday.

Petra Nardelli in action. © running.bz

Chiara Silvia Meroi (800m) and Greta Brugnolo (long jump) shone in the women's race, Pietro Marangon (400m), Kevin Lodi (800m) and Francesco Marconi (110m hurdles) in the men's race. Numerous South Tyroleans were also able to make an impact in Bolzano. 400m runner Petra Nardelli from Eggen won in 55.40 seconds, high jumper Laura Hofer from Lana cleared 1.64 m. In the men's race, the two flagships of Athletic Club 96 Bolzano, long jumper Destiny Nkeonye (7.36 m) and javelin thrower Hubert Göller (57.66 m), were also at the top of the podium. The Bolzano club's relay team also won gold.

There were also many podium finishes. Ebrima Bojang took third place in the 3 m race (400). In the women's race, Bruneck's 48.59 m sprinter Ira Harrasser came second in 100 seconds. Lara Vorhauser (12.26 m) from Sterzing, the Vahrner 800 m hurdler Marie Burger and long jumper Linda Maria Pircher from Burgstall also secured silver. Burger also came third in the 100 m, and Selma Göller took bronze in the javelin throw.

The results in Bolzano:

100m: 1. Costanza Donato (Bracco Atletica) 12.03
200m: 1. Nancy Demattè (US Quercia) 24.79
400m: 1. Petra Nardelli (LC Bozen) 55.40
800m: 1. Chiara Silvia Meroi (Assindustria Sport) 2:15.03
100m hurdles: 1. Martina Agostini (Assindustria Sport) 13.85
High: 1. Laura Hofer (SV Lana) 1.64
Long jump: 1. Greta Brugnolo (Atletica Riviera del Brenta) 5.99
Javelin: 1. Sofia Panzarin (Atletica Vicentina) 41.48

100m: 1. Enrico Cavagna (US Quercia) 10.90
200m: 1. Davide Giambellini (Atletica Veneta) 21.81
400m: 1. Pietro Marangon (Atletica Vicentina) 48.07
800m: 1. Kevin Lodi (Atletico Bassano 1948) 1:53.24
110m hurdles: 1. Francesco Marconi (Trevisatletica) 14.53
High: 1. Marcello Donadoni (Atletica Bovolone) 2.06
Far: 1. Destiny Nkeonye (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 7.36
Javelin: 1. Hubert Göller (Athletic Club 96 Bozen) 57.66
Relay 4x400m: 1. Athletic Club 96 Bozen (Lorenzo Bocchio, Giovanni Santomaso, Christian Valt, Federico Mogetti) 3:30.15

The results in Lana:

U18 heptathlon women
1. Rita Manfredini (La Fratellanza 1874) 5271 points
2. Isabella Pastore (Atletica Stronese) 5108
3. Martina Bianchi (Atletica Bergamo) 4958
5. Alexa Schneider (SSV Bruneck) 4726
10. Greta Amhof (SSV Bruneck) 4371
18. Julia Moser (SSV Bruneck) 4113

U20 heptathlon women
1. Matilde Morbin (Atletica Vicentina) 5007
2. Eleonora Favaretto (Team Treviso) 4885
3. Gaia Marsegaglia (Team Lombardia) 4746
15. Lorena Lingg (LAC Vinschgau) 3951

U23 heptathlon women
1. Ilaria Zanella (Atletica Vicentina) 4913
2. Francesca Paolin (Atletica Mondovì) 4781
3. Elisabetta Baldelli (Atletica CUS Perugia) 4502
6. Annika Oberrauch (SV Lana) 4464

U18 decathlon men
1. Matteo Sorci (Atletica Perugia) 6714
2. Marco Beccari (Atletica Piombino) 6351
3. Frederic Schöpf (SV Lana) 6320

U20 decathlon men
1. Tommaso Franzè (Atletica Canegrate) 7137
2. Kevin Lubello (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 6677
3. Francesco Stradi (Atletica Reggio) 6535
8. Daniele Tomasi (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 6191
11. Mattia Graiff (CSS Leonardo da Vinci) 5624

U23 decathlon men
1. Alberto Nonino (Atletica Malignani) 7.340
2. Lorenzo Mellano (Atletica Fossano) 6.892
3. Federico Bovo (Atletica Biotekna) 6.831

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