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Lukas Mangger was unbeatable on Sunday. © Sportissimus

Mangger and Petersen cannot be tamed in Ratschings

The Sky Trail race took place in Ratschings on Sunday morning. Organizers, athletes and fans enjoyed a successful competition.

Lukas Mangger's second win and Severine Petersen's first victory: that is the result of the Ratschings Sky Trail, which took place on Sunday morning in the Ratschings Jaufen ski and hiking area. On the shorter route of the fourth edition of the Ratschings Mountain Trails, the traditional Ratschings Mountain Trail, Armin Larch took his third victory, while in the women's race, the South Tyrolean mountain running giant Anna Hofer ran away from her competitors.

The only thing that Hanspeter Schölzhorn and his organizing team had to worry about on Sunday morning before the Ratschings Mountain Trails was the weather. But there was no more rain just in time for the start of the race. Although the clouds predominated and the route of the Sky Trail had to be slightly adjusted due to the rain in the past few days, the fourth edition of the mountain run in the north of South Tyrol was still able to take place without any problems.

On the Sky Trail, local hero Lukas Mangger from Ridnaun was in a class of his own for the second time after 2022. His confident start-finish victory was only briefly threatened by Matthäus Zöggeler from Vöran, but Mangger was able to overtake him again and ended up with a lead of almost five minutes over Zöggeler in 2:37.19 hours. Patrick Ramoser, another "local hero", completed the podium: the mountain runner from Freienfeld needed 2:44.22 hours for the 27,5 kilometers with 1500 meters of altitude.

Severine Petersen was still happy during the race. © Sportissimus

A familiar face also stood on the top step of the women's podium, but she won the Ratschings Sky Trail for the first time: Severine Petersen, who has chosen to live in South Tyrol for a number of years and has lived in Freienfeld for several years, left her competitors no chance and finished with a time of 3:19.39 hours, almost ten minutes ahead of the runner-up. Her name was Elisabeth Kofler and she is a completely new face on the South Tyrolean trail scene: the Traminer only started mountain running less than a year ago and celebrated a sensational result (3:28.11). The "Grand Dame" of South Tyrolean running, Edeltraud Thaler, was also on the podium. The Lananer, who had triumphed in the Mountain Trail last year, came in third (3:34.52).

Armin Larch is and remains the mountain trail specialist

Armin Larch celebrated a hat trick at the Ratschings Mountain Trail. On Sunday, the trail runner from Mareit entered the race with the mission of defending his title and was successful. After 2021 and 2023, Larch was crowned winner for the third time on the 17,7-kilometer-long route with 950 meters of elevation gain (1:23.33 hours). His first podium place at the Ratschings Mountain Trails went to Samuel Demetz from Val Gardena, who crossed the finish line after 1:25.50 and finished in second place. Demetz was just over three minutes ahead of Giacomo Spinelli, who comes from Varese but lives in Bruneck and competes for the Skialp Race Ahrntal club (1:28.55).

Armin Larch won the mountain trail race. © Sportissimus

Like Larch's victory, Anna Hofer's Mountain Trail victory is no surprise. The young woman from Merano is considered a huge mountain running talent and demonstrated her power over the 17,7 kilometers

Hofer had a lead of over eight minutes over the experienced specialist Martina Cumerlato from Torrebelvicino (Vicenza province). Hofer stopped the timekeeping after 1:41.02 hours, Cumerlato needed 1:49.09 hours to complete the Mountain Trail. Another new face in the Mountain Trails was the third-placed Lena Zingerle from SG Eisacktal. She completed the podium with a time of 1:51.45 hours.

Successful mini trails and highly satisfied organizers

In addition to the Sky Trail and Mountain Trail, the Mountain Trail Relay also took place in the Ratschings Jaufen ski and hiking area. The Sarntal team was the fastest in the men's race (1:33.04 hours), the Turoboschneggilar (1:54.34) won the women's race, and the Stiftung Wadentest team (2:02.01) was unbeatable in the mixed relay. As always, the Ratschings Mini Trail also took place in the finish area at the Enzian lift, where children and young people born between 2007 and 2019 could compete over different distances.

The organizers, including OK boss Hanspeter Schölzhorn, are equally satisfied: "There were no injuries, which is great. And finally, the weather was perfect. Despite the recent rain and the less than ideal forecast, almost 450 participants took part. I would like to thank all the volunteers who, soaked by the rain, prepared the course over the last few days; it was an excellent job by everyone. We would also like to thank the sponsors; without them, none of this would be possible. We are already looking forward to the fifth edition in June 2025!"

The voices of the winners:

Lukas Mangger (winner of the Ratschings Sky Trail): "The race went really well for me, even though it was tough with the puddles and the technically demanding passages where it was also slippery. I had Matthäus (Zöggeler, editor's note) on my tail for a long time, but then he was suddenly gone. The route was well signposted, it was almost impossible to get lost. Will it be a third time next year? I always run to win. Whether it works out will only be clear on race day. We have strong mountain runners here. At the moment I'm just happy about the home win."

Severine Petersen (winner of the Ratschings Sky Trail): "I had really sore muscles and was surprised that I felt so good. I was finally able to finish this beautiful route and with a win. I know the route, but I'm always surprised at how many new passages you discover."

Anna Hofer in action. © Sportissimus

Armin Larch (winner of the Ratschings Mountain Trail): "The route was always the same, what was new were the wet sections. In some places it was soft and slippery, but that was to be expected. I had Samuel (Demetz, editor's note) breathing down my neck for a long time, but eventually I was able to shake him off. Congratulations to him, he ran a strong race! Will I tackle the Sky Trail next year? I don't know yet, but I will definitely be there!"

Anna Hofer (winner of the Ratschings Mountain Trail): "I started off pretty quickly with a group of guys, it was nice to pull together as a team. After that it was slippery, and I even fell in the mud once. But it was worth it, the panorama at the highest points of the route was beautiful, it was a real pleasure to run there. I really enjoyed it and I'm happy about the win!"

Ratschings Sky Trail (27 km/1610 m)

1. Lukas Mangger ITA/Dynafit Team-LV ASV Freienfeld 2:37.19
2. Matthäus Zöggeler ITA/SV Telmekom Team 2:42.14
3. Patrick Ramoser ITA/Freienfeld Running Club 2:44.22
4. Simon Eisele GER/SpVgg Auerbach-Streitheim 2:49.00
5. Stefan Gasser ITA 2:53.03

1. Severine Petersen GER/Team Mammut Swiss - LV ASV Freienfeld 3:19.39
2. Elisabeth Kofler ITA/Läuferclub Kaltern 3:28.11
3. Edeltraud Thaler ITA/ASV Telmekom Team South Tyrol 3:34.52
4. Natalie Mitterrutzner ITA 3:53.05
5. Michaela Schrott ITA/ASV Gherdëina Runners 3:55.19

Ratschings Mountain Trail (17,7 km/950 m)

1.Armin Larch ITA/Team La Sportiva 1:23.33
2.Samuel Demetz ITA 1:25.50
3.Giacomo Spinelli ITA/Skialp Race Ahrntal 1:28.55
4.David Innerhofer ITA/Skialp Race Ahrntal 1:32.07
5.Hannes Rungger ITA/ASC LF Sarntal Raiffeisen 1:33.52

1. Anna Hofer ITA/Team Scarpa-Sportclub Merano 1:41.02
2. Martina Cumerlato ITA/Team Asics 1:49.09
3. Lena Zingerle ITA/SG Eisacktal 1:51.45
4. Angelika Rier ITA 1:57.13
5. Jasmin Volgger ITA/Skialp Gossensass 2:00.52

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