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FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem (l.) is in a clinch with the Formula 1 bosses. © ANSA / epa

Formula 1 race influenced? Investigations against FIA boss

Formula 1 is being rocked by a new scandal: world association boss Mohammed Ben Sulayem is said to have massively influenced the outcome of a Formula 1 race. But there are other allegations.

After allegations of influencing a Formula 1 race against Ben Sulayem became known, the FIA ​​confirmed investigations by its ethics committee. The International Automobile Federation has a report containing detailed allegations against members of its governing bodies. The FIA ​​ethicists would now examine these allegations, “as is usual in these cases, so that due process is strictly followed.”

Previously it had with the BBC Citing an informant, reports that at the instigation of Ben Sulayem a time penalty against Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso was withdrawn at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia last year. Therefore, the Spaniard was able to keep his third place despite the original decision of the race stewards. It initially remained unclear why Ben Sulayem would have interfered.

Ben Sulayem allegedly wanted to prevent Vegas racing

In addition, according to the media, the FIA ​​President is accused of further violations in office. The 62-year-old from Dubai is said to have demanded in the preseason that the new race track in Las Vegas be denied approval by the world association. Dem with the BBCAccording to informants, there were no real safety concerns and the reasons for a racing ban could also have been invented. However, the FIA ​​inspectors could not provide any plausible reasons and therefore certified the route.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem (l.) at the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend. © ANSA / ALI HAIDER

For Formula 1, the Grand Prix in Las Vegas is a prestigious project in which many millions of euros have been invested. There have been several disagreements between the Formula 1 leadership and Ben Sulayem in the recent past.

According to further reports, the FIA ​​President's financial behavior will also be examined by the Ethics Committee. The results of the investigation should be expected in four to six weeks.


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