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Jannik Sinner exudes a good mood down under. © APA/afp / ANTHONY WALLACE

Jannik Sinner dreams “of a Baywatch body”

Jannik Sinner rushed into the third round of the Australian Open last night at hellish speed. After the game, he took even more time to chat about his alleged lack of muscle mass.

After a somewhat bumpy start to the tournament, the spectators in Melbourne saw Jannik Sinner in top form in the second round. He literally chased his opponent, the Dutch qualifier Jesper De Jong, across the court and ultimately defeated him 6:2, 6:2, 6:2 (click here for the report).

Sinner mastered the subsequent winner's interview just as brilliantly as his less than two-hour task on the tennis court. First of all, the 22-year-old paid his opponent a lot of respect as usual: “Jesper is a very good player, he showed great games here in the qualification and in the first round. He's not much older than me (23 years old, editor's note). So I think we’ll face each other one or two more times.”

“I enjoy the temperatures here while it’s winter back home in Europe.” Jannik Sinner

Sinner thanked the fans and added how comfortable he felt in Australia and how much he appreciated the climate, "while it's winter back home in Europe - even if the roof remained closed during the game today."

The speaker then tried to lure Sinner out of his reserve with a question about his leisure activities in Melbourne. Which he certainly succeeded in doing. “I relax a bit, stand on the court during training sessions and also go to the weight room. As you can see, I’m a bit thin,” says the Puster native with a wink. He didn't want to reveal his current weight when asked, but he jokingly added: "Actually, I dream of a real Baywatch body. But it doesn't look like that at the moment. That’s why it works, I’m already happy with my body.”

On Friday against Báez

Sinner couldn't help but laugh - and the audience in the stands of the well-filled Margaret Court Arena was also audibly amused. Afterwards, the world number four disappeared into the catacombs with a smile. For him it is now a matter of resting and training in order to be prepared for the third round appearance on Friday against Sebastián Báez (ATP 29). Whether with or without Baywatch muscles – Sinner will also slip into the role of favorite against the Argentine.

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