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Carolin Schaller (l.) made it onto the podium in second place.

Carolin Schaller's big moment at the Merano canoe slalom

2 slalom canoeists from SC Meran/Raika-Torggler were able to celebrate a podium finish at the 67th International Canoe Slalom in Meran. They ensured an all-round successful water sports weekend in the Gilfklamm.

Yesterday it was Jakob Weger (25) who only had to bow to Giacomo Barzon from Verona in the open race with 2 runs in the kayak single sculls and took a great 2nd place. Today Carolin Schaller experienced a great moment in the kayak sculls at the world ranking canoe slalom on the Passer. After placing 6th in the qualification, the 25-year-old from Augsburg, who has been registered for SC Meran for several years, achieved a dream run in the final, which brought her second place behind Agata Spagnol.

The highlight of the program today was the world ranking canoe slalom at the 67th International Canoe Slalom on the Passer in Merano. For the 8th time, the canoe slalom was paddled for world ranking points on the Passer. 110 canoeists from 8 countries competed, including multiple world champion Martina Satkova from the Czech Republic, the two-time U23 vice world champion in the canoe single sculls, Roberto Colazingari from Italy, and the 2021 vice world champion in the kayak single sculls, Marcello Beda Bologna, 3 absolute top talents. All three won their special category in the world ranking canoe slalom; Marcello Beda the kayak singles competition, Roberto Colazingari and Martina Satkova the canoe singles category. The spectacular canoe slalom race was watched by numerous spectators on the lower Gilfpromenade and the Steinernes Steg.

Carolin Schaller's hour has come at this year's world ranking canoe slalom. “Second place in the world ranking canoe slalom in Meran was certainly my greatest success to date. I was already happy that I reached the final. I wanted to correct the mistake at goal number 2 in the final and paddle down the passers like I did in qualifying. “I would have been happy with 16th place,” said a delighted Schaller.

In the women's kayak sculls, the Italian Agata Spagnol won the final in 89,03 seconds ahead of Carolin Schaller (89,97) and the Czech Martina Satkova (91,78). All three slalom canoeists had no penalty seconds in the final.

Dad podium of the kayak one category.

The final of the men's kayak singles was hard to beat in terms of excitement. In the end, Marcello Beda from Bologna was able to prevail in 78,24 seconds ahead of his compatriot Mattia Poletto (79,03) and the Slovenian Niko Testen (79,14), all 3 without penalty seconds. Jakob Weger reached the final run in tenth place in the qualification. As in the qualifying, two touches on the goal were his downfall, for which he received 2 seconds of penalty. He finished 4th in 84,98 seconds.

Jakob Weger in the top ten

“Overall, I’m happy with my race weekend on the Passer. Yesterday I achieved 2nd place in the open race, even though I haven't trained for a year and sat in the slalom boat 3 times shortly before the canoe slalom in Meran. I took part in the canoe slalom in Meran without any ambitions,” says Jakob Weger. “My final run wasn’t bad. I didn't have a major mistake. With the running time I would have come close to the podium. But two touches on the gate threw me back to 2th place,” Jakob Weger lamented.

In the canoe sculls, the favorites prevailed in the final run, the Czech Martina Satkova in 95,58 seconds ahead of the Germans Kimberley Rappe (99,37) and Marisa Kaup (102,22) in the women's category and the Italian Roberto Colazingari in 87,06. 87,64 seconds ahead of the German Benjamin Kies (87,82) and the Italian Elio Maiutto (XNUMX) in the men's category.

The results at a glance:

Kayak one, men: 1. Marcello Beda (Italy) 78,24 seconds/0 penalty seconds; 2. Mattia Poletto (both Italy) 79,03/0; 3. Niko Testen (Slovenia) 79,14/0; 4. Tommaso Barzon 80,11/0; 5. Gabriele Grimandi 80,11/0; 6. Jan Locnikar (Slovenia) 81,91/0. 9. Jakob Weger (SC Meran/Raika-Torggler) 84,98/4.

Kayak singles, women: 1. Agata Spagnol (Italy) 89,03 seconds/0 penalty seconds; 2. Carolin Schaller (SC Meran/Raika-Torggler) 89,97/0; 3. Martina Satkova (Czech Republic) 91,78/0; 4. Lara Kriesinger (Germany) 95,48/2; 5. Svenja Matti (Switzerland) 98,27/0; 6. Caterina Pignat (Italy) 98,38/2.

Canadian singles, men: 1. Roberto Colazingari (Italy) 87,06 seconds/0 penalty seconds; 2. Benjamin Kies (Germany) 87,64/2; 3. Elio Maiutto (Italy) 87,82/0.

Canoe singles, women: 1. Martina Satkova (Czech Republic) 95,58 seconds/0 penalty seconds: 2. Kimberley Rappe 99,37/0; 3.Marisa Kaup (both Germany) 102,22/2.


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