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Biathlon superstar Dorothea Wierer continues.

Wierer remains a biathlete: “For many people I was already pregnant”

Dorothea Wierer will continue until the 2026 Olympic Games. She announced this in a press conference on Wednesday. At the same time, the biathlon queen opened her heart and spoke not only about her sporting goals and her desire to have children, but also about rumors that had burdened her.

The radiance of Dorothea Wierer was once again clearly visible on Wednesday. The online press conference she called was attended not only by journalists from Italy's largest newspapers, but also by writers from Norway, France and even Russia.

They all got to see a Dorothea Wierer, who seemed determined when she made her big announcement. “I will continue until the 2026 Olympics. Competing in these competitions on your own doorstep in Antholz is a unique opportunity. If I stop now, I could seriously regret it at some point,” said the 34-year-old.

False rumors bother Wierer

Wierer's resignation has been an issue again and again in the past, but never as intensely as in the past few weeks. That's why Wierer felt compelled to speak plainly in a press conference. “There were so many rumors going around that are simply not true,” says the woman from Antholz.
“Unfortunately, I take a lot of things too much to heart.” Dorothea Wierer

She makes no secret of the fact that these media reports and comments - including on social media, where she is followed by 600.000 fans - were very stressful for her. “Unfortunately, I take a lot of things too seriously. People said I was pregnant. I have no idea how they came up with something like that. Others said I was just enjoying life and not doing anything more for sport. “That’s not true at all.”

Dorothea Wierer will also be there for the next two seasons. © Teyssot / Pierre TEYSSOT

At the press conference, Wierer opened her heart and talked about how the past few weeks and months have really been for her. “Last winter was hard for me. I was constantly sick, which was very stressful mentally and physically. I struggled with sleep problems and was never fitter than 50 percent. After the World Championships in Nove Mesto I had to end the season.”

Housewife for two months

Afterwards, Wierer led “a completely normal life,” as she explains. “I was a housewife for two months and only made a few TV appointments.” During this phase she also came to the realization that that wasn’t the end of it. Wierer trained again for the first time on Wednesday of all days and now wants to prepare for next season.
“I don’t have the energy to be a mother and a biathlete.” Dorothea Wierer

But one question still remains: the woman from Niederrasner has repeatedly emphasized that she would like to start a family. That was also one of the reasons why there was speculation about the end of his career. “I spoke to my husband Stefano and he is behind me 100 percent. I'm glad that he doesn't put any pressure on me here, it's more the people from outside who often ask me about it,” said the 34-year-old.

Wierer cannot imagine a combination – i.e. competing in the Biathlon World Cup as a mother. “I don’t have the energy for that. Either 100 percent biathlon or 100 percent family.”


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