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Dorothea Wierer in action at the summer competitions.

Wierer celebrates first victory in 2024

The first summer competitions took place this weekend at the Frassinoro Summer Biathlon Festival. Dorothea Wierer finished at the top of the women's competition - and celebrated her first win of the season.

It was a comeback in grand style for Dorothea Wierer, who put on a bib for the first time since the World Championships in Nove Mesto and dominated the event in Frassinoro by winning both the women's shot put and the super sprint.

In the summer competition, the South Tyrolean achieved a clear victory under the watchful eyes of the mascots of the 2026 Olympic Games and the large audience. Wierer dominated both the women's shot put and the actual biathlon competition, which began with the batteries and ended in the final.

Trabucchi comes second

The Puster woman performed brilliantly on the skis and was solid in the shot put. Even against the wind, which picked up considerably between the last sections of the preliminary round and the first part of the final, only a final throw with two errors prevented a perfect performance, although Wierer had already secured victory.

Behind the biathlete from Fiamme Gialle, Beatrice Trabucchi finished second. She is proving more and more to be a sure thing for the future, with a very clear handling of the polygon in difficult conditions. The last step of the podium was fought for by Michela Carrara from Aosta Valley, who, despite making more mistakes on the polygon, took advantage of her speed on the roller skis to overtake Samuela Comola in the last lap.

Exciting finish for the men

In the men's race, however, the final was full of surprises and unexpected events, with athletes from four different nations. The victory went to Austrian Dominic Unterweger, who demonstrated the power of the Austrian school after a first shooting made difficult by difficult wind conditions. It must be stressed, however, that part of his success was also due to the blatant error of New Zealander Campbell Wright - who has been competing under the American flag since last season - who forgot to run the penalty loop after the third polygon and was forced to turn back, losing the lead.

Also on the podium in the men's category was Elia Zeni, who distinguished himself in the final with a nice zero in the last shooting series and completed a kermesse at the highest level. There was nothing to be gained for the Kazakh Asset Dyussenov, who, after good performances in the preliminary rounds of the competition, turned things around in the final and made more mistakes on the shooting range.

Frassinoro Summer Biathlon Festival, the top 6

1. Dorothea Wierer
2. Beatrice Trabucchi
3. Michele Carrara
4. Samuela Comola
5. Rebecca Passler
6. Regina Oja

1. Dominic Unterweger
2. Elijah Zeni
3. Campbell Wright
4. Asset Dyussenov
5. Patrick Braunhofer
6. Matic Bradesko

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