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Swiss ski hopeful has been seriously injured. © Screenshot

Bad fall: Marco Odermatt worries about his good friend

It's finally here: Marco Odermatt won the first downhill World Cup victory of his career on Thursday. However, this was overshadowed by the fall of a good friend.

It was a bit of a paradox: Last February, Marco Odermatt was crowned downhill world champion in France. But in the World Cup, he had never achieved a victory in the fastest ski discipline before or since. Now this spell has been broken: on the shortened Lauberhorn descent the overall World Cup winner raced to his first triumph in front of the home crowd.

But another thing also became clear on Thursday: how close joy and suffering are in skiing. While Odermatt was looking forward to his first downhill victory on the leaderboard at the finish, his good friend Marco Kohler with start number 35 had a serious fall. Odermatt's classmate (both born in 1997) remained lying on the track and waved for help. The helpers who rushed to the scene looked after Kohler, who ultimately had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. The skiing hopeful has injured his knee, as Swiss alpine director Walter Reusser told him SRF said.

Marco Odermatt suffered at the finish. © Screenshot

At the finish, Odermatt was shocked by his friend's fall and looked worriedly at the video screen. “It's extremely unfortunate. “I wished for my first victory with different emotions,” says the superstar View quoted. No wonder, since the two have been racing together since they were young and their families are close. Particularly bitter: Marco Kohler had a bad fall in Wengen four years ago, back then as a forerunner. The terrible diagnosis: cruciate ligament, medial ligament, patellar tendon and meniscus tear. It remains to be seen what the results will be this time.

The 26-year-old had recently gotten back into good shape after a long period of suffering. Last season he won the downhill classification in the European Cup and thus secured a fixed ticket for the World Cup. In Wengen, of all places, Marco Kohler has had a hard time again.

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