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Ski star freaks out.

This freakout is going around the ski world

Emotions always play a big role in the final races of a World Cup season. Also with a Norwegian who destroyed his ski pole after a tantrum.

A video is currently going around the ski world. On Saturday, Alexander Steen Olson threw a tantrum after the last giant slalom of the season and smashed his ski pole. What was going on there?

Steen Olson was in third place after the first round and had the best chance of a podium finish. But nothing worked out for the Norwegian in the decision and with the slowest of all running times he was sent back to 3th place. Then all his frustration was released: Next to the piste, Steen Olson smashed his ski pole out of anger.

Which may also have played a role: Steen Olson was already in the top 3 at halftime in the two giant slalom runs in Aspen at the beginning of March, but each time he showed nerves in the second run. The frustration just had to come out.


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