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Lindey Vonn talks about the loss of her mother. © AFP / OLIVIER DOULIERY

Heartbreaking: Lindsey Vonn on the loss of her mother

Former World Cup winner Lindsey Vonn has overcome many obstacles throughout her career – from serious knee injuries to depression. But nothing could prepare her for the loss of her mother Linda Krohn Lund to the incurable disease ALS.

In August 2021, her mother was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The disease affects neurons in the brain and leads to muscle atrophy, paralysis and spasticity. Just one year after the diagnosis, her mother died.

“ALS presents you with challenges that are hard to describe,” Vonn says in an emotional interview with the magazine It. The loss of her mother had a profound impact on Vonn and prompted her to share the valuable lessons she learned from her mother. One of them is particularly meaningful: "What I learned is to never miss a chance to say I love you. Never miss an opportunity to give someone a hug."

Vonn talks about how she tried to accept the inevitable while supporting her family during her mother's illness. As the eldest daughter, she took on the responsibility of being there for her family both emotionally and financially. "Sometimes I wonder if I should have canceled a trip to be with my mom," she admits. But her mother insisted that Lindsey move on with her life.

Lindsey Vonn with her mother. © Social Media

Although her mother did not want the disease to become public knowledge, she eventually changed her mind: "I want you to use your platform to raise awareness about ALS," her mother said. Vonn is fulfilling her wish by speaking openly about the challenges and pain that ALS brings.

“Carry on the legacy”

The time after her mother's death was marked by mixed emotions for Vonn - relief that the pain was over and the bitter realization that she could no longer ask her mother for advice: "There are always questions you would have wanted to ask," she says. "But I carry on my mother's legacy and hope that no one else has to experience this pain."

Lindsey Vonn has learned an important life lesson from the tragic experience that she is taking to the world: "Go out, explore, live and try." With a smile on her face, she continues what her mother started - to live life to the fullest and never miss the chance to say "I love you."

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