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Kilde is tough.

“I have never felt pain like this before”

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde's fall in Wengen caused a huge shockwave in the ski world. Now the Norwegian is talking about it for the first time.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde still remembers the moment of the fall. “I remember losing control in the second to last corner. I fall and have extreme pain in my shoulder,” he tells me Viaplay about his brutal crash that made waves in the ski world.

It may mean something when Aleksander Aamodt Kilde says: “I have never felt such pain before.” The shoulder was badly affected in the crash and the diagnosis was: shoulder dislocation.

The goal is a quick comeback

The scenes at the finish area in Wengen were also so shocking because Kilde was bleeding profusely. A long cut ran across his calf. He was immediately taken to the hospital by helicopter and operated on. This season has been over for him, but he remains optimistic. “At the moment I'm thinking about a quick comeback.” Kilde is also aware that in a certain sense he was lucky in misfortune: there were serious fears after his violent fall, but fortunately the suspicion of a broken lower leg did not materialize proven true.

Kilde and his girlfriend Shiffrin.

His girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin rushed to the hospital to see him and he could count on her support. She put in an impressive race at the Women's World Cup on Tuesday and took victory. Despite the triumph, it was a challenging time for both of them.

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