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Simply unbeatable: Marco Odermatt. © ANSA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA

Odermatt leaves the ski world speechless – and Vinatzer cheers along

Marco Odermatt is currently in a league of his own when it comes to giant slalom. But the feat on Saturday left him speechless. In a certain way, this also applies to Alex Vinatzer, who made a big statement.

What do you have to do with it? Marco Odermatt Don't win a giant slalom? Maybe take away a ski, ORF commentator Oliver Polzer humorously suggested. What the Swiss overall World Cup winner delivered in the giant slalom in Aspen on Saturday evening simply left the ski world speechless.

Odermatt didn't really get up to speed in the first round and was “only” in third place at halftime. So should his proud series come to an end? Most recently, the superstar won eleven (!) giant slalom races in a row across all seasons. Then Odermatt entered the race in the decision – and had immense problems. In the upper part he only avoided a failure with great difficulty, had to turn sideways, lost his entire lead - and the race seemed to be over. But then he somehow pulled off a fabulous final part and crossed the finish line half a second ahead - unbelievable.

He was almost out, but then Odermatt won. © APA/afp / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV

The half-time runners-up were able to do that Loic Meillard (he came second) and the halftime leader Alexander Steen Olson (he made a serious mistake and fell far behind) didn't do anything to oppose it. So 3rd place went Timon Haugan – and everyone was amazed at Marco Odermatt, who now has 12 giant slalom victories in a row.

Vinatzer with the best running time

The Azzurri's joy was at least as great - especially with Alex Vinatzer. The man from Val Gardena, who was in 14th place after the first round, conjured up a fabulous run in the American snow in the decision and came in a fantastic fifth - with the best running time, mind you. As a reminder: Vinatzer is actually a slalom specialist.

Great in the giant slalom: Alex Vinatzer. © ANSA / VASSIL DONEV

But this season he has exploded in giant slalom. With 6th place on Friday and now 5th place (best career result), the 24-year-old proved that he has also reached the top of the world in his second discipline. The podium is only a matter of time.

Only De Aliprandini is better

It was only internal to the team on Saturday Luca De Aliprandini better. The former vice world champion from Nonsberg is getting better and better after a difficult season and came fourth. The Val Badia Hannes Zingerle was eliminated in the second round after a good run for a long time, Tobias Kastlunger meanwhile missed qualifying for the decision.

The Aspen weekend ends with the slalom on Sunday. Round 1 begins at 17 p.m. CET, the decision will take place from 20 p.m. With the SportNews-Live ticker, as always, you are there in real time.


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