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Alexander Stöckl is supposed to leave the Norwegian ski jumping team, but the North Tyrolean is resisting. © FIS

Coach sues association: huge dispute in Norway

Things have been rumbling in the Norwegian ski jumping team for months. The reason: The athletes want to get rid of coach Alexander Stöckl. But he doesn't think about giving up without a fight.

When athletes no longer harmonize with their coach, a separation usually follows. Things are a little different with Alexander Stöckl and the Norwegian men's ski jumping team. The athletes around spokesman Johan Andrè Forfang no longer want to work with the North Tyrolean, but he doesn't want to leave - and because he has a contract, the association can't just throw him out the door.

The situation escalated last winter when Norway's athletes united open letter to the head coach addressed. In it they denounced a “lack of leadership” and said Stöckl was only “poorly motivated” to carry out the job. Stöckl then remained in office, but let his coaching staff do the work for the competitions. Talks between the team and coach were unsuccessful.

Lawsuit against the association

After the season, the Norwegian association wanted to terminate Stöckl's contract, but he refused. Instead, the coach was officially released. This means that the contract is valid and Stöckl continues to receive his salary. But because in the Austrian's eyes this amounts to a dismissal, he has now sued the association, according to the Tagesszeitung Verdens Gang reported. The Norwegian leadership is keeping a low profile.


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