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There was a party all night long in Naples. © APA/afp / CARLO HERMANN

One dead, many injured: championship party in Naples escalates

Napoli celebrates the Italian championship away in Udine. At home on Vesuvius there is a wild party that night. A man dies from gunshot wounds.

The big championship celebration began for the Napoli footballers in Udine with a storm of the fans who had traveled with them - back home in Naples, the Tifosi on the streets and squares had long since started a long night of partying. After 33 years of waiting, the southern Italians have... On Thursday evening they won their third Scudetto and crowned a splendid season.

In Udine, some people were overwhelmed by emotions: the actually quite cool coach Luciano Spalletti was interviewed on TV DAZN the tears as he remembered his deceased brother in the moment of triumph. When looking at the live images from Naples, where tens of thousands of fans celebrated, the coach spoke of the “greatest satisfaction”. “This championship is well deserved,” summed up captain Giovanni di Lorenzo with shimmering blue hair. In the dressing room, the European champion, like many of his teammates, couldn't escape the can of hair dye spray. “We can hardly wait for the celebration.”

Hundreds injured

It was already in full swing back home in the port city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius - no wonder, as the fans had to wait a long time for their third Serie A title after 1987 and 1990. The two successes came during the Napoli era of world star Diego Armando Maradona.

On Thursday, 60.000 fans watched the decisive guest game at Udinese together on screens in the stadium named after Maradona, after which they went into the city center. From all corners of the city, fans shot fireworks rockets into the sky, similar to midnight on New Year's Eve. Supporters crowded into the Piazza del Plebiscito near the harbor, singing and celebrating, waving flags and burning flares.

The cheering knows no bounds. © APA/afp / CARLO HERMANN

A large police presence was supposed to ensure that the celebrations remained peaceful. Nevertheless, incidents were soon registered: The news agency Handle reported on a 26-year-old who died in hospital as a result of gunshot wounds. The victim had a criminal record and his death may not be directly related to the championship celebrations. At the same time, three other people were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. The police were investigating the circumstances and were initially unable to provide any information.

Riots on the pitch

The Gazzetta dello Sport writes of 203 injured people who had to receive medical care that night. Many of them had to be treated because their hands or faces were injured by pyrotechnics.


Already in Udine, eight fans received medical attention after a crowd as a result of the storm, as the prefect said. Countless Napoli fans stormed the pitch at the same time as the final whistle, where they were later attacked by Udinese supporters streaming in. After a few minutes, the security forces were able to bring the situation under control. Afterwards there were clashes between ultras from the home team and the police in front of the arena.

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