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Filip Schenk wants to cause a sensation in the future. © APA/afp / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

From Brixen to Paris? This is South Tyrol's climbing hope

Climbing is booming worldwide - including in South Tyrol. Not only because a Boulder World Cup is taking place in Brixen in June for the second time in a row, but also because of two athletes who have made it into the world elite. One of them is Filip Schenk, who we will take a closer look at here.

David Lechthaler

In the course of Presentation of the Brixen World Cup we took the opportunity to chat with Filip Schenk. The 23-year-old from St. Christina is next to his friend Michael Piccolruz (he is four years older) is the only South Tyrolean who takes part in the sport climbing world cup. Last year, Schenk drew attention to himself at the Multi-European Championships in Munich when he made it to three finals. In the Olympic combined competition, the lead specialist narrowly missed out on a medal by finishing fourth.

SportNews spoke to Filip Schenk about...

...the home World Cup in Brixen: “I decided not to set a fixed placement as a goal. I just want to enjoy the competition. Family and many friends will be there. It makes you proud that we have a World Cup in South Tyrol. The feedback from the athletes was also very good last year. I wasn’t there back then, but this year it’s my first home World Cup, so to speak.”

...the highlight of the season: “In addition to the home World Cup in Brixen, there is the World Cup in Bern (August 1st to 12th, Anm.d.Red.). Of course, I always keep an eye on Olympic qualification.”

...Olympics 2024 in Paris: “It is of course my big dream to be there. To achieve this, I have to perform as well as possible this year. I'm certainly most into lead climbing (also called difficulty climbing with ropes). Here the aim is to climb a given route as quickly or as high as possible; Anm.d.Red.). "

“It is of course my big dream to qualify for the Olympics in Paris.” Filip Schenk

...the Olympic qualification: “The three best Boulder and Lead World Cups are added together. I have to be in the top 48 here this year. They will then be allowed to take part in three Olympic qualifying competitions from March next year. The best 18 will then qualify for the games in Paris.”

Filip Schenk wants to go to the Olympics next year. © APA/afp / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

...his training location:
“In the winter I was often in Milan with the national team. We are currently in Innsbruck a lot. When I’m at home, I train in the vertical of Brixen.”

...life as a climbing professional: “I am lucky that I am employed by the police sports group and can practice climbing as a professional. Otherwise you may receive a little less financial support compared to other sports. But the sport is growing. Due to the increased interest, there are also more sponsorship contracts.”

...the advantages of being a climbing professional: “For example, you can travel all over the world. Be it Asia, South America or North America. We have also been to many places in Europe. However, you usually don't see much of the cities because you fly there and are only focused on the competition. But every now and then there were still bad experiences.”

Filip Schenk, here rock climbing in the Ötztal. © Patrick Tirler/Social Media

...the most beautiful rocks: “The most beautiful rocks in our area are in Arco. But we actually always train indoors for the competitions. When I go rock climbing, it's usually in France, Spain or Switzerland, there are wonderful places here. I always try to take my vacation to these places (laughs).”


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