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Dominik Paris will lead the speed team,

Italy's ski squad has now been decided

FISI recently announced the squad for the upcoming men's alpine skiing season. The Azzurri relied on tried and tested methods and avoided big surprises. 43 athletes have been included in the squad for the 2023/24 season.

As expected, the World Cup group will be led by the South Tyrolean Dominik Paris, who is personally trained by Alberto Ghidoni. The veteran from Ultimo brings a lot of experience with him, but will be hungry for more after the somewhat messed up last season. In addition to the 34-year-old, Mattia Casse, Christof Innerhofer, Guglielmo Bosca, Florian Schieder, Pietro Zazzi, Nicolò Molteni and Benjamin Jacques Alliod are also there. The speed trainer Lorenzo Galli is responsible for these runners. Former ski ace Patrick Staudacher also has a hand in the game as a coach.

As far as the technical disciplines are concerned, Simone Del Dio will continue to be the reference point for the slalom skiers and, as expected, Peter Fill will replace Walter Girardi at the head of the giant slalom skiers' coaching staff.

In the slalom, the team consists of bronze medalist Alex Vinatzer, Giuliano Razzoli, who is preparing for the final season of his career, Tommaso Sala, Stefano Gross, Simon Maurberger, Tobias Kastlunger and Matteo Canins, as well as the junior world champion Corrado Barbera. In the giant slalom there is a quintet with Luca De Aliprandini, Filippo Della Vite, Giovanni Borsotti, Giovanni Franzoni and finally Hannes Zingerle, who earned his place with good results last season.

Hannes Zingerle is trained by Peter Fill. © APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

The European Cup team consists of 14 athletes: Marco Abbruzzese, Riccardo Allegrini, Matteo Bendotti, Gregorio Bernardi, Gianlorenzo Di Paolo, Matteo Franzoso, Maximilian Perathoner, Alessandro Pizio, Manuel Ploner, Maximilian Ranzi, Tommaso Saccardi, Davide Leonardo Seppi, Federico Scussel and Simon Talacci.

Under the direction of Paolo Deflorian, who is responsible for the entire youth sector, the juniors (with Alexander Ploner as coach of the national team) include Fabio Allasina, Andrea Bertoldini, Stefano Pizzato, Lorenzo Thomas Bini, Pietro Giovanni Motterlini, Leonardo Rigamonti and Edoardo Saracco and Federico Romele in the squad.


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