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Dawid Kubacki with his wife Marta. © Social Media

After the diagnosis: “I cried a lot”

After the tragic weeks during which Dawid Kubacki's wife lay in the hospital with heart problems, the Polish ski jumper now spoke about the difficult time and the fear for his partner. The high-flyer also wants to fight for victories again next winter.

Dawid Kubacki experienced his private hell in the first months of 2023. This began for the Pole on March 19th when his wife Marta suffered from severe illnesses was hospitalized with heart problems. Understandably, the 33-year-old ended his season early to be there for his family.

The world champion emphasized in an interview with Skikumping.pl, that one can never be prepared for such unforeseen events, especially when they affect a loved one: “I know that you cannot help in the hospital. But in a situation like this, you just want to be with your loved ones and take care of your children.”

Thanks to the doctors

Fortunately, his wife Marta survived, and the 33-year-old knows exactly who he has to thank: “The doctors did a great job. We were able to leave the hospital after less than a month. It was very bad, but then her heart values ​​started to return to normal. It was a miracle. The heart surgeons implanted a pacemaker in Marta’s chest.”

The couple has two daughters together. © Social Media

The Pole admitted that he had cried a lot in the last two months. In addition to the shock, he also had to look after his youngest daughter, who was born in January during the Four Hills Tournament: “I had to look after the children a little more. I had to put in a lot of effort, especially in the early stages of this situation. I cried a lot.”

Kubacki wants to fly through the air again next winter. © AFP / KAZUHIRO NOGI

As for ski jumping, he has resumed training: “There is no lack of desire and enthusiasm to take part in competitions next season. The next few weeks and months will show what possibilities there really are, but I'm glad that there are any at all." Kubacki is aware that he cannot make any long-term sporting plans for next winter: his wife's health Martha goes first.


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