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Andy Bernard introduces his team. © Luca Tommasini / Italia Hockey

Big earners and jokers: The Blue Team with a difference

Only a few days left until the Ice Hockey World Championships begin in Bolzano. All eyes will be on Italy's national team. But who are the cracks in blue who are fighting for promotion to the world group on the ice of the Sparkasse Arena? Goalie Andy Bernard introduced them to us (with a bit of humor).

Who has the best shot, who can ice skate the most delicately, who makes the most beautiful passes? Ice hockey fans can see all of this for themselves from Sunday in the Sparkasse Arena when Italy compete against Romania on the big stage for the first time at the home World Cup. However, we asked goalie Andy Bernard – who has been an integral part of the Azzurri for years – slightly different questions. The result is an amusing interview.

Andy Bernard on…

... the player who is always first in the dressing room: “That’s me, 100 percent. Together with Daniel Frank, I am usually the last to leave.”

... the player who pumps the longest in the weight room: “This is my Puster teammate Daniel Glira.”

... the player with the greatest potential in the team: “These are our two youngsters Tommaso De Luca and Tommy Purdeller. They have great maturity for their age (19 or 20 years old, editor's note). I hope they will make their way.”

... the player who earns the most: “It’s simple (smiles): The Swiss Legionnaires are our biggest earners.”

... the player who has the most female fans: “It will probably be my colleague Daniel Frank. He’s pretty good with the girls.”

The Blue Team wants to move up. © Valentina Gallina

... the player who is the messiest in the dressing room: “No question, this is Jake Smith. Everything is always all over the place, a real mess (laughs).”

... the player who makes the music in the dressing room: “At the moment it is Luca Frigo. The music is debatable. There are sometimes good days, sometimes not so good.”

...the player who fools around the most: “No one is safe from Alex Trivellato’s sayings. He always specifically chooses a few victims (laughs).”

… the player who dresses best: “Unfortunately he is no longer there. Marco Zanetti (was eliminated on Sunday, editor's note) is an Italian from head to toe. He has style and always dresses in branded clothes.”

…the player who dresses the worst: “Terrance Amorosa always wears trainer pants (laughs).”

... the player who is the leader in the team: “There are several. Above all, Thomas Larkin, but also Daniel Frank, Luca Frigo and I are among them. Larkin and I sometimes bang on the table in the dressing room.”

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