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International ice hockey is played in the WürthArena in January.

Neumarkt World Cup surcharge

The Unterland can look forward to a major tournament for international ice hockey talent. That much has been certain since the IIHF meeting on Thursday in Zurich.

At the semi-annual general meeting of the International Ice Hockey Association, Neumarkt was awarded the 18 Women's U2024 World Championship (1st Division, Group A).

The tournament will take place from January 6th to 12th, 2024 in the WürthArena. In addition to Italy, the national teams from Austria, France, Denmark, Japan and Hungary are taking part.

Last January these title fights took place in the Arena Ritten in Klobenstein. The Neumarkt delegation now achieved great success in Zurich after their bid for the Women's World Cup (1st Division, Group B) recently came to nothing.

The Azzurrine at the home World Cup this year in Ritten. © Max Pattis

South Tyrol can therefore look forward to another international ice hockey tournament next year, as Bolzano had already been awarded the men's B World Cup (April 28th to May 4th).

With this video, Neumarkt applied to host the World Cup and ultimately convinced the IIHF decision-makers:

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