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At the end of the training camp in Ridnaun, the official team presentation took place. The ten new players in the white and red jersey. The team captain: Hannes Kiem. At 29 years old, the oldest squad player: Alessandro Campo

FC Südtirol has only one goal: Serie B!

On Friday, FC Südtirol officially presented its new team at a press conference in the Hotel Schneeberg in Ridnaun. Rather than the many new additions or the upcoming cup game on Sunday against Matera, one topic was particularly in focus, namely promotion to Serie B. With 23 players - 13 of which were confirmed from last year and 10 new - and an average age The longed-for step into the second division should be implemented after 22 years. The two most experienced FCS players, Hannes Kiem and Alessandro Campo, will play an important role. They describe the ambitions of the new FC Südtirol to SportNews readers.

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