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Pierpaolo Bisoli plied the sidelines in the top game against Genoa. © Felice Calabrò

Bisoli's quarrel with the world champion and a prophecy

FC Südtirol picked up a point at home against Genoa. Although there were no goals in the Drusus Stadium, the more than 5000 spectators were treated to real football emotions. That was also due to what was happening on the sidelines.

Alexander Foppa

In the final phase of the top game in the second division, Pierpaolo Bisoli was once again out of control. While the 22 men on the field threw everything into the balance to turn the one point into a threesome, the FC Südtirol coach took on the entire Genoa bench. After a difficult situation in the FCS penalty area, she vehemently called for a penalty, but the referee's whistle remained silent.

Already in the first half, Bisoli and his counterpart on the opposite side, Alberto Gilardino, had a brief skirmish. After the renewed argument, both coaches were sent off. Italy's 2006 World Cup winner saw the red card for the first time as a coach, while Bisoli will miss Saturday's game against Ternana for the fourth time this season.

In the press conference after the game, the impulsive FCS coach seemed - as so often - completely different. In a calm tone he reassured: “There wasn’t much. To be honest, we both wondered why we were sent down. Anyway, we hugged in the cabin hallway and that was the end of it.”

“It got a bit turbulent in the final phase.” Genoa coach Alberto Gilardino

Gilardino did not want to comment on the incident after the game. “It got a bit turbulent in the final phase, but that’s not an issue for me. I won't say anything about that, nor about the controversial situation on the pitch. We got a point today against a very unpleasant, tough opponent. That's the only thing that counts," said the Genoa coach, who was actually planned as an interim solution, but has only lost a single league game since taking office five months ago and is marching straight towards Serie A with his team. This is also why Bisoli paid him respect after the 0-0 draw: “I can only take my hat off to Gilardino and Genoa. They are the best team in the league, they deserve promotion.”

Calculation game for 4th place

FC Südtirol can still dream of promotion. With three laps to go, Fabian Tait and Co. are two points ahead of Parma in fourth place. The gap is likely to grow to three points in the next few days due to the pending points deduction for the pursuer. “We still need four to five points in the remaining three games, then we should be able to take fourth place,” calculated Bisoli. In fourth place, the FCS would qualify directly for the semi-finals.

Pierpaolo Bisoli at the press conference after the 0-0 draw against Genoa. © fcs

With eight points ahead of ninth-placed Ascoli, the newly promoted side has almost already qualified for the playoffs - and Bisoli is also keeping a promise. “These are actually things that are not intended for the public, but now I can tell you: I told my boys back in November that we would make it to the playoffs,” reveals Bisoli. And he has an explanation for it: “I noticed back then what a great unit we are, how committed everyone is. I just had a good feeling.”

FC Südtirol now wants to take this good feeling with them into the end of the season, even though they will once again have to make do without their coach on the sidelines in the away game in Terni next Saturday.

1. Frosinone35218654:2171
2. Genoa351911545:2167
3. Baric351613653:3261
4. FC South Tyrol351315735:3154
5. Parma3514101143:3851
6. Cagliari351215842:3351
7. Step on3511131145:3646
8. Ascoli3512101338:4346
9. Venice351291446:4545
10. Palermo3510151043:4445
11. Modena351281543:4944
12. As359161043:4543
13. Ternana3511101434:4543
14. Brescia351541646:4342
15. Brescia359111533:5238
16. Cittadella358141330:4338
17. Cosenza359111528:5038
18. Perugia35991735:4236
19. Col357141438:4735
20. Benevento356141528:4232


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