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Chaos in Serie B: Reggina gets points back

Italian professional football remains a mystery: Serie B club Reggina's point deduction has now been reduced.

The Calabrese get two points back and are back in a playoff place. Due to financial irregularities (including late payments of player salaries), Reggina has since been deducted a total of 7 points by the association court, but now it is "only" 5. This means that Filippo Inzaghi's team is now in 8th place, which means the fight for the last two Playoff tickets makes it even more exciting. In practice, the teams from 7th place (Palermo) to 12th place (Modena) fight for this in the final two rounds.

In Serie B this year, Genoa and Parma were each penalized with one minus point. In the top Italian league, Juventus were temporarily deducted 15 points, only to get them back later. The fans have long since lost perspective.

No direct influence on the FCS

This news has no direct impact on FC Südtirol. The Bisoli squad is fighting further up for fourth place and can no longer be caught by Reggina. However, if the southern Italians win in Bari on Saturday, third place would – theoretically – still be possible for the FCS. So it remains exciting in the playoff battle of Serie B. The requirements and starting positions are constantly changing. According to the daily newspaper Dolomites In his defense, Reggina had always referred to a restructuring plan that did not make it possible to make the payments because the court in Reggio Calabria refused permission.

The Serie B table

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