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Like Palermo, FC Südtirol is still fighting for promotion to Serie A. © Bordoni

The fight for the Serie B playoffs is coming to a head

There are still two matchdays left in the regular season of Serie B. FC Südtirol has already qualified for the playoffs. For the FCS, however, it is still a matter of creating the best possible starting position. Here is an overview.

Frosinone and Genoa have already been promoted to Serie A. A third team is still being sought. A good ten teams are still involved in this fight. The first team to mention is Bari. The Serie C newcomer is almost impossible to push out of third place. Bari is five points ahead of the FCS and only needs one more point to fix this because the Apulians won the direct comparison. Both the third and fourth-placed teams are allowed to skip the quarterfinals in the playoffs and only enter the semifinals. The small difference, however, is that in the end, four draws would practically be enough for the third place in the regular round - due to the better table situation compared to the competition.

While Bari's participation in the semi-finals is already certain, the FCS is well on its way there. With four points against the table laggards Cittadella (home) and Modena (away) they would be in the bag. Three points from the remaining two games would be enough even if Cagliari made a mistake. The Sardinians, like Parma, are three points behind the FCS. Both teams can be rated as strong in terms of quality in the playoffs anyway. The Bisoli squad had their problems this year, especially in Cagliari. The 1:1 was rather fortunate back then. Parma and Cagliari have experienced players in their ranks with Buffon, Vazquez and Ansaldi or Lapadula and Nandez who know what is important in the hot phase of the season.

Venezia is suddenly fighting for promotion again. © Venezia FC/Social Media

Palermo also has a good chance of ending up in the top 8. However, the Sicilians still have two difficult games ahead of them. Namely in Cagliari and at home against Brescia, who are fighting against relegation. In addition to Palermo, five other teams still have realistic playoff chances: Pisa, Venezia, Ascoli, Reggina and Modena. The team from Venice is one of the strongest in Serie B after the first half of the season went completely wrong for the relegated team. FCS coach Bisoli already emphasized that a playoff duel against the Lagunenstädter would be one of the most difficult. Venezia still have to go to Parma on the last matchday, so qualifying won't be an easy undertaking.

The remaining program

37st match day:
Venice – Perugia (Saturday, 14.00 p.m.)
SPAL – Parma
Brescia - Pisa
Benevento – Modena
FC Südtirol – Cittadella
Cagliari - Palermo
Frosinone – Genoa (Saturday, 16.15)

38st match day:
Cittadella – Como (Friday May 19th at 20.30:XNUMX p.m.)
Perugia – Benevento
Genoa – Bari
Parma – Venice
Modena – FC South Tyrol
Cosenza – Cagliari
Palermo - Brescia
Reggina - Ascoli
Pisa – SPAL

The table

1. Frosinone36228657:2274
2. Genoa362011547:2270
3. Baric361614654:3362
4. FC South Tyrol361415736:3157
5. Parma3615101145:3854
6. Cagliari361315847:3354
7. Palermo3611151045:4548
8. Step on3611131246:3946
9. Ascoli3612101439:4546
10. Venice3612101447:4646
11. Modena361291544:5045
12. Brescia361641648:4445
13. As369161144:4743
14. Ternana3611101534:4643
15. Cittadella369141333:4441
16. Cosenza369121529:5139
17. Brescia369111633:5438
18. Perugia36991835:4736
19. Col367141539:4935
20. Benevento366141629:4532

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