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Luca Belardinelli, FC Südtirol midfielder. © Bordoni

Point deductions: The FCS competition is losing ground

In Serie B, Parma – just like Reggina – received a point deduction. This is not bad news for FC Südtirol with regard to the playoffs.

FC Südtirol is in fourth place in the table with 54 points. This rank entitles them to move directly into the playoff semi-finals. The White Reds' closest rival so far has been Parma with 4 points. Now, however, the former European Cup winner has been sanctioned with a penalty point because the deadline for paying income tax was not met. This verdict has been in the air for a long time, now it is official.

For FC Südtirol this means that the gap to 5th place (and thus to the quarter-final place) increases. With three games to go, Pierpaolo Bisoli's side are three points ahead of Parma and Cagliari, who now both have 51 points. The FCS is challenged against Ternana on Saturday, Click here for the detailed preview.

Reggina also punished

In addition to Parma, Reggina was also penalized with a point deduction. The southern Italians, who are in the lower midfield of the table, received three penalty points in mid-April for not paying income taxes and missing salary payments, and now four more have been added because Reggina has not met another deadline.

1. Frosinone35218654:2171
2. Genoa351911545:2167
3. Baric351613653:3261
4. FC South Tyrol351315735:3154
5. Parma3514101143:3851
6. Cagliari351215842:3351
7. Step on3511131145:3646
8. Ascoli3512101338:4346
9. Venice351291446:4545
10. Palermo3510151043:4445
11. Modena351281543:4944
12. As359161043:4543
13. Ternana3511101434:4543
14. Brescia351541646:4342
15. Brescia359111533:5238
16. Cittadella358141330:4338
17. Cosenza359111528:5038
18. Perugia35991735:4236
19. Col357141438:4735
20. Benevento356141528:4232


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