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The Raschiani triathlon team was able to defend the title.

Mixed relay: Raschiani triathlon team remains the measure of all things

On Sunday the Italian mixed relay championship was on the program in Cervia. Like last year, the Raschiani triathlon team takes the title. The Brixen team also knew how to impress.

After an exciting head-to-head race, the Raschiani triathlon team, consisting of Pietro Giovannini, Paola Sacchi, Nicolò Strada and Angelica Prestia, secured the Italian championship in 1:10,16 hours. Behind them was the company 707 with Davide Ingrillì, Asia Mercatelli, Gianluca Pozzatti and Luisa Iogna Prat and K3 Cremona completed the podium.

The Brixen team (1:13,08) around Lukas Lanzinger, Euan De Nigro, Lea Strobl and Dena Bacher ended up with a decent 10th place. Yesterday Verena Steinhauser won the sprint thriathlon to the Italian champion.

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