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Gottfried Pichler, Roland Auer, Fabian Hofer, Martin Auer, Devid Fiegl, Markus Wolfsgruber, Harald Egger (standing from left), Andy Egger, Stefan Oberkofler, Levi Öttl, Luis Kaiser, Simon Röd (kneeling from left).

The Ranggler show their skills in the Ahrntal

In fine weather and in front of numerous spectators, an Alpine Cup wrestling competition took place at the weekend in Weißenbach im Ahrntal.

A total of 111 athletes from near and far revived this traditional and popular style of wrestling and ensured brilliant sporting achievements. South Tyrol was also strongly represented with rangglers from Ahrntal, Vintl, Rodengo, Terenten and Passeier. The result was correspondingly large, with an impressive 12 podium places.

In the student and youth class, 9 prizes were won, including 5 victories. Matthias Stocker won in the hope class up to 6 years and Simon Röd (both Ahrntal) in the hope class up to 8 years. Levi Öttl celebrated in the class up to 10, Devid Fiegl in the class up to 14 and Fabian Hofer Passeier (all Passeier) in the class up to 16. Luis Hofer from Ahrntal (2nd in the U10), Maximilian Tasser (2nd/U14), Andy Egger (3rd/U14) and Martin Auer from Psairer (2nd/U18) also achieved a podium finish.

In the general class, local hero Stefan Oberkofler from Ahrntal took center stage as class IV seiger. In the same category, Roland Auer from Passeiertal took third place. In addition, Markus Wolfsgruber from Vintl achieved second place in class II.

At the Hagmoar this year, for the first time, there was a fight for the beautiful, wood-carved challenge cup, which was secured by the Taxenbach/Eschenauer rankler Herrmann Höllwart.

Things are now happening in quick succession in the Ranggel scene: next Sunday the traditional Hundstoa Ranggeln will take place at the Statzerhaus in Maria Alm, and a week later the big country Ranggeln will take place in Mittersill.

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